Front bus speed and Graphics Cards

  shu shu 09:22 03 Jan 2003
  shu shu 09:22 03 Jan 2003

Good morning and Happy New Year to all from a very soggy N.France.
Q1. To ensure complete compatibility between mobo and cpu, the bus speed should be the same. Is the same relationship true between mobo and graphics card or is it inapplicable?
Q2. The difference in price between a 1.3Ghz AMD Duron and 1.3Ghz AMD Athlon (200fbs) is enormous. Is the performance?
Q3. Can you really see the difference in 0.1 of a Ghz and if not, why do cpu's they go up in 0.1Ghz steps?

  DieSse 11:42 03 Jan 2003

Q1 - Not applicable

Q2 - It all depends how you value the performance difference. To the average user, i would say the cheaper is better - to a dedicated gamester, they'd probably want the higher performance whatever.

Q3 - Not in my book, but you've got the choice to buy whatever you think apprpriate. And everything is relative - if you had a 100MHz pentium, a .1GHz increase would double your speed!!.

  shu shu 12:47 03 Jan 2003

Thanks DieSse. I realise the questions were a bit hypothetical but its difficult to evaluate performance increase when you dont know if your are buying it or not! I "think" I would see a difference from 850Mhz to 1.3Ghz Duron but if the difference between 1.3 Duron and 1.3 Athlon is minimal then its not worth the extra money. But if its double the difference perhaps it would be!
What exactly is the difference between Duron's and Athlon's-some sort of advanced technology.
Of course one can always buy the top everything and you have the performance, but then the question becomes "How much money have I wasted"?

  shu shu 12:24 04 Jan 2003

Thanks to everyone who tried to help, but I am back where I started with my 850Mhz Duron and geforce2mx. Answers to "What is the difference between between Duron and Athlon - its better"! and statements like "For the same price as an Athlon 1.4Ghz 200fsb you would be better buying an Athlon XP 1.47Ghz 266fsb with mobo to support it" or "try a better Graphics Card" are simply too vague to implement.
My advice to anyone wanting to upgrade is don't bother this forum with questions like "How long is a piece of string" A. The distance between its ends. Instead state your question in the manner "Has anyone replaced an 850Mhz Duron with a 1.4Ghz Athlon then spent months bemoaning the fact they subsequently learned they could have achieved the same results with a 1.3 Duron at much reduced cost. (nobody can see the difference between 0.1 of a Gig - right!).
Anyway, thanks to everyone who took the trouble to respond to this and my previous thread on the very same subjects. Happy New Year to you all.

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