front bus speed

  kkkoolkev 10:57 06 Apr 2004

Can anyone tell me how i check that my front bus speed is set to the right speed and how i can change it cheers

  temp003 11:08 06 Apr 2004

What is the model of your CPU?

You can find out what the FSB is in BIOS setup. Usually, press Delete when computer starts up, but it can be another key. In BIOS setup, try the Advanced chipset features section.

  temp003 15:10 06 Apr 2004

By email:

"I don't think that it is in my bios unless the system bus is the same as the front bus speed.

It's an AMD 3000+ 64 bit with a bus speed of 800 mhz and 1024mb ram."

One way of looking at it is there's no FSB any more. It's HyperTransport.

The BIOS setup may or may not call it the FSB now. The default system frequency should be 200MHz. Different motherboards may call it different things. Look for FSB or system frequency.

Read your manual. If you can't find the setting, post back with the motherboard model number.

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