Front audio panel

  Rayspan 08:47 04 Oct 2005

I would like to use a spare bay to mount a set of front audio connectors, so I can plug in a headset and over-ride the rear speaker connections.
Maplins are the only source I can find, but their offering has USB & 1394 ports as well, which I don't need - and it's a bit pricy.

Can anyone point me to a source?

  Yoda Knight 09:53 04 Oct 2005

I know Creative make something similar, but u'd have to troll their website for it (and I imagine it would cost an arm and both legs, but u neva know...)

  bruno 09:56 04 Oct 2005

You can achieve what you want by using a splitter on your sound card output and plugging in your speakers and loudspeakers to it .Then turn off your speakers when you do not want to hear them.I rigged this up for when my grandchildren want to play their noisy games.My Mate bought a Belkin splitter from Comet last week for under a fiver,but I got a Y shaped one from somewhere for about £2.

  Stuartli 10:11 04 Oct 2005

I've mentioned several times that I use a double 3.5mm jack plug adapter to house both my headset and speakers connections from the soundcard's speakers output.


click here

One recent thread on the subject:

click here

  scotty 10:37 04 Oct 2005

Try this company click here

  Rayspan 13:13 04 Oct 2005

Thanks everyone - they're all good ideas, but I went for yours Scotty - half Maplin's price - must be good.

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