Friend's zip-problem

  NickyK 20:30 17 Feb 2005

Every time my friend downloads three zipped files in a row, his system slows down to crawl-pace (and sometimes it disconnects from his ISP). Also, if he tries to go anywhere else, a new page from any site takes ages to load.

He's on AOL Broadband, and I can't work out what the hell the problem is. We've run every anti-virus/spware scan we have, have been on to AOL Live Help, and so on.

He's downloading the files into "My Pictures" on a newish Dell/WindowsXP/SP2. He hasn't installed any new software and is running Mcafee firewall on medium setting.

He's never had any problems with the site in question before; and even if it is a site problem, why is it having such a major affect on his system?

Any ideas?

  mattyc_92 21:34 17 Feb 2005

He may be using up all of his systems, and isp's, resourses....

Windows IE, by default, wont allow you to download more than 2 things at a time, so try not to go above that limate, unless he is on 1mb bb or above.....

  NickyK 21:47 17 Feb 2005

Hi, mattyc_92. He's on broadband AOL silver, which is not 1mb. Also, he's not trying to download more than one zip-file at a time. He's downloading the next one after the last one finished. I'm now on an extra-fast connection, but even when I used silver I didn't have the probs he's having (but I wasn't downloading from the site my friend is using).

My instincts tell me it is a problem with the site, but I don't understand why his system should stay so slow even after he's completed his downloads and has exited from the site - and what he is downloading in zipped files is very small compared to the stuff I used to download on AOL silver.

  hugh-265156 22:03 17 Feb 2005

downloading anything should'nt slow down the rest of the computer in my opinion.

ask your friend to open task manager and click the 'performance' tab then make a note of the 'cpu usage' and the available 'physical memory' then click 'processes' and make a note of how many processes running and look especially at those with the highest value in the 'cpu' collum and write down the names.

this may help a bit to find out what is slowing things down maybe.

  NickyK 22:14 17 Feb 2005

I agree with you, huggyg71, which is what confuses me. Why should his system freeze after a bit of downloading zips. I'll ask him to do what you suggest, but he did tell me he has lots of memory (roughly 10-15 GBs). He told me that he recently freed up a lot of space by copying stuff to disc, and he's not the kind of person to accidentally remove something important.

  NickyK 18:46 18 Feb 2005

I have decided that my friend's problem may well me a site-problem. His system seems to work okay as long as he keeps away from that particular site. I have advised him to write to the site and politely complain and ask for advice (he's a nice guy, so he won't be rude like me).

So, I am closing this out of courtesy and because, like everyone, no one likes a hanging post.

Thanks for help as always. Really appreciated.


  MIke 19:25 18 Feb 2005

Have you tried Microsofts Tweak UI?

click here

There's an option to repair icons

Might work

  MIke 19:33 18 Feb 2005

OOps I was reading two threads and posted in wrong one! Sorry!

  Technotiger 19:36 18 Feb 2005

especially the one at the end of the rope :-))

Sorry - couldn't resist.


  NickyK 01:04 19 Feb 2005

Sadly, it looks as if I will have to invoke my lawyers. It always amazes me how simply sites crumble when I prosecute.

But, obviously, I'll send a solictor's letter first. The site has a right to be proved to be incompetent.

We'll have to wait and see. But if they annoy my friend again, its's "Hello Host".

Unlike most people on this site, I am quite nasty, and I simply will not stand for a friend being trashed by a crap website.

Sorry to be heavy, but I am so annoyed.

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