Friends laptop has a virus....i need to remove it

  julius44 09:31 18 Jun 2008

Hello there, well heres the scenario, my friend purchased a dell laptop a few months ago, and all was fine, but i think(from what she said) she's started going on dodgy sites and shes developed a virus, as she says its now very slow, and she now says certain days it wont come on. shes meant to bring it down in the next few days...and what i wanted to do is downlaod the 30 days free kaspersky internet security 7( i have the 1 year on my pc and i think its superb!!!)..i want to download this from, and save it to my USB drive, and then run it in SAFE MODE from her laptop, as i was advised NOT to have her laptop connected to the internet during the scan....i was trying to download it from the sight, but when i clicked save to disk, it seemed to be saving it to my hard drive, which i dont need. Any suggestions for this.....i really wanna help my friend out, as she seems lost without her laptop,....shes been close to tears, literally or any other solutions would be highly appreciated soon, thanks

  Technotiger 09:41 18 Jun 2008

Can you save the Kapersky download to your Desktop and then slide it onto the USB drive before installing the download. Then slide the download onto the laptop and install it there.

  Technotiger 09:42 18 Jun 2008

PS - meant to add, you could then delete the download from your Desktop.

  ambra4 09:44 18 Jun 2008

Try SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition and XoftSpySE Anti-Spyware

click here

click here

Also download SpywareBlaster 4.1 and keep it up dated Very Important

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To help clean up and speed up the laptop after you have run the anti spyware programs download

TuneUp Utilities 2008 30 days trial and run it will fix any registry problem etc

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  Mac70 09:48 18 Jun 2008

You can use the infected computer to download the kaspersky online scanner
click here

Once you have updated the definitions you can disconnect from the Internet and run the scanner.

  julius44 09:55 18 Jun 2008

Hi there, thanks for all the advice..BUT can i install any of these programs whils the laptop IS connected to the internet????

  julius44 09:58 18 Jun 2008

Hi there technotiger, i already have KIS 7 on my desktop as its a 1 year subsription....i'm thinking that if i try and install this from, it may overide my 1 year subscription, as all i'm trying to do is safe it straight to my usb its an exe file, as i dont wanna mess up my desktop at all. pls help!!

  Mac70 10:01 18 Jun 2008

Yes. Do what I suggested. You can disconnect when the scan begins.

Is there an anti-virus installed already? Disable that to reduce the scanning time.

BTW, do not install XofSpy, it is a crap program.

The Kaspersky scan will produce a report when it is finished, smaller than it used to be, and you should be able to post that here, for more advice.

  birdface 10:06 18 Jun 2008

Has she tried running her security programs in safe mode.

  Technotiger 10:07 18 Jun 2008

Understood, I have never used Kapersky so thought the download might have been in the form of an icon, which then needed to be clicked on to do the install.

  julius44 10:14 18 Jun 2008

thanks technotiger, i'll give it a go....she has MCcafee on her laptop but obviously it didnt do its job...i dont think she's tried it properly in safe mode though, so we'll give it a try in that. Technotiger, pls what internet security do u use?? also pls could any of u pls kindly go to the website for me, and click on the kaspersky link, maybe 1 of u can guide me through the trick to save it to my usb drive please. Also secondly if the problem is rectifed through safe mode(hopefully) it then ok to load up her laptop normally again please???

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