Friend's Hide IP has stopped working-Why please?

  buel 22:23 26 Sep 2010

My friend's Hide IP software seems to have stopped working since he has updated Firefox. The software is running but when he checks 'what is my ip address' it doesn't show what it used to? Perhaps he should revert to an earlier Firefox?
Also, when he had the previous version of Firefox and he closed it down he had the option of clearing privacy but now that doesn't come up either?
Please can anyone advise?

  buel 22:48 26 Sep 2010

Ah, i've just found out that V 3.6.10 doesn't support Hide Ip, what i need to know now is how to revert back to an older version please?

  mgmcc 22:52 26 Sep 2010

There are previous versions on this page click here

  buel 07:11 27 Sep 2010

Hi, everytime i try to install a different version of Firefox i get this strange version of a Firefox page that never actually loads up?
Please can anyone help me get Firefox working?
This is what i get at the moment:

click here

  mgmcc 08:55 27 Sep 2010

If you don't already have it, download and install "Revo Uninstaller" click here and use that to uninstall whichever version of Firefox you currently have. Use it also to remove any remaining registry entries and files but, be careful only to delete registry items it displays in BOLD. Then clean install the version of Firefox that you want to use and see if it runs properly.

  buel 09:01 27 Sep 2010

hi and thanks for that! Please can you tell me if doing this will erase all my bookmarks? Or has this already happened because i have attempted an install if another version?

  tullie 09:11 27 Sep 2010

Go to Bookmarks/Organise Bookmarks.You can save them here.

  buel 09:25 27 Sep 2010

but i cant get to them with firefox in it's current state you see?

  buel 09:25 27 Sep 2010

but i cant get to them with firefox in it's current state you see?

  mgmcc 12:26 27 Sep 2010

From another forum:


Recovering Your Firefox Bookmarks

* This is documented elsewhere, but perhaps comes across as too nerdy for some. If you're using Windows XP, recovering from a crash or whatever, and find that your Firefox bookmarks (and bookmarklets and bookmark toolbar) have disappeared, here's what to do:

- Find your profile in c:\Documents and Settings\[your XP user name]\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles

- There should be a subfolder there called bookmarkbackups. Find the most recent bookmarks html file in there (usually with a date after the 'bookmarks' bit.

- Copy it to somewhere safe and rename the existing one bookmarks.html.

- Copy it to the default profiles folder (up one level from the bookmarkbackups folder, deleting the existing bookmarks.html file.

- Close Firefox if it's running and relaunch it. Your old bookmarks should be restored.

* An easier way is to find file as above in ....\profiles (bookmarks-2009-04-27.json) from old disk and copy back to same location on new disk, go to browser bookmarks then organise bookmarks (ctrl shift b) import and backup then restore your file will be there, restore this and confirm (this will overwrite existing ones) original bookmarks returned


  buel 21:05 27 Sep 2010

Hi again and a huge thank you for your help!
Ok, when i went to the 'add ons' in the newer Firefox versions i tried it showed 'Hipe ip' as an add on but explained that it wasn't compatible with whatever version i was using. However, now i have installed the older version of Firefox, i go to 'add ons' and 'Hide ip' isn't even showing as an option! Please please can anyone help me with this?

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