Friend wants £200-£400 Desktop, ideally XP but will settle for Vista/W7?

  buel 12:14 08 Jul 2012

Hi, My friend's dad's xp desktop is 5 years old and is showing signs of dieing. Ideally he would want another one that is XP as he is 68 and is 'familiar' with XP but if he has to, i think he would use Vista or W7. Please can i ask for any links/advice on where to get one in the price range of £200-£400?

He gave me a leaflet from our local pc shop (who i hate) and there was a refurbished Dell on there for £180 which there are lots on ebay for £119. Say no more.

  chub_tor 12:24 08 Jul 2012

Slap bang in the middle of that price range he could get this Zoostorm from ebuyer with Win 7 installed or if he wants to install his own XP then pretty much the same thing with no OS fo £70 less

  buel 13:17 08 Jul 2012

Wow!! Thanks for that, on the other hand, an XP licence would be difficult to buy? And get drivers for? Or am i wrong.... (I am quite often)

  buel 13:19 08 Jul 2012

Bugger. The small print says 'Please note that this desktop PC does not come with an operating system. Zoostorm recommends using genuine Microsoft Software and is Windows 7 compatible and not compatible with XP.'

  AroundAgain 13:32 08 Jul 2012

Hi Buel

Moving from XP to Win 7 is not such a difficult move and, at 'only' 68 years old, I would have thought your dad would manage well. I didn't find it that much different and just had to get used to some small differences. The improved features, in my opinion, definitely out-weigh the inconvenince and it won't take long before he is happy with Win 7.

So, my advice (also a pensioner) would be to go for it. There will come a time when hardware and software won't be compatible with XP, I suspect.


  Nontek 14:42 08 Jul 2012

I recently changed from XP to Win7 with a new laptop - did not take long to get used to Win7 - I say 'go for it'. BTW, I am 77yrs young!

  buel 15:24 08 Jul 2012

Brilliant Nontek and AroundAgain!!!!!! Thank you so much!!

  buel 15:24 08 Jul 2012

Ps- I see it has W7 64 bit? 64 bit is ok? No compatibility issues?

  Nontek 15:34 08 Jul 2012

Yes, mine is 64Bit.

  chub_tor 16:10 08 Jul 2012

I have two machines with Win 7 64 bit and have had no issues with either drivers or using old software.

  buel 08:06 10 Jul 2012

Well the good news is that he has chosen the Desktop with W7 for £299. Thank you for that.

Please can i ask for any recommendations on a booklet of some sort to help him with Windows 7?

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