A friend has overloaded Outlook Express

  Quilljar 16:52 28 Sep 2006

A neighbour has tried to send about 18 huge photos by email all at once (each one around 12Mb !!)Consequentally, his OE is stuffed and not responding at all. He then tried a second time.
Is it possible to uninstall OE or unstuff it. There must be around 400Mb stuck in his Outbox!!!

  Jackcoms 16:54 28 Sep 2006

Can he not delete them?

  VoG II 19:33 28 Sep 2006

File > Work Offline. Then delete them from the Outbox.

  Quilljar 19:48 28 Sep 2006

We have tried deleting from the Outbox of course, but thanks for the idea. It is such a huge memory task that OE will not respond.
My friend has no idea about sizes of photos from digital cameras and thought they were all the same.

  STREETWORK 19:50 28 Sep 2006

Boot into safe mode and delete them form there...

  johnnyrocker 19:50 28 Sep 2006

delete in safe mode?


  Belatucadrus 21:36 28 Sep 2006

When you've cleared them out, get him to try Shrink Pic click here cuts out a lot of resizing agro.

  beeuuem 23:55 28 Sep 2006

In Outlook Express go to Tools>Options>Maintenance
and then click on 'Store Folder'.
Make a note of that folder, then navigate to it in Windows Explorer.

Close Outlook Express, then find the Outbox.dbx file in the right hand pane, right click on it and select 'Delete'.

Then restart Outlook Express - you should have a new Outbox folder with nothing in it.

  terryf 02:10 29 Sep 2006

To do as beeuuem says you may have to go to explorer>tools>folder options>view and show hidden files and unhide protected system files (then reverse this after you have deleted outbox.dbx)

  Quilljar 10:42 29 Sep 2006

Thanks beeuuem,
That is exactly what fixed it! I had to go into Safe Mode but when I deleted the 120 GB of content (!!!) everything freed up
Many thanks indeed!
He won't be trying to send huge photos ever again!

  GroupFC 11:42 29 Sep 2006

If he is using XP - he can resize the pics. for e-mailing without resorting to 3rd party s/ware.

In Windows explorer select the pic(s) to be sent and right click. Then select "send to" and "mail recipient". He will then get a wizard pop up with the option to make the pic(s) smaller. If he selects "show more options", he will then be able to select the size to send.


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