Friend bought £150, is it any good please?

  buel 08:40 09 Jun 2009

Hi, my friend recently bought a 'refurbished' desktop for £150, im sceptical as to whether it was a decent deal, please can anyone tell me what you think? these are the specs-
Buffalo select
1gb 533mhz cl4
non ecc unbuffered

intel r celeron r cpu
[email protected]
200ghz 896mb ram

120gb hard drive

  Jim_F 10:18 09 Jun 2009

I don't think there is a really straightforward answer as it depends what the machine is to be used for and also on specific system components - motherboard/chipset and graphics.

I believe Buffalo is the memory which would have cost £70 in 2005 so you friend is doing too bad on that scale.

As a general rule of thumb I would say that this would serve well as a general purpose machine with software released prior to the build date.

Vista and todays cutting edge applications would probably struggle.

  keef66 10:42 09 Jun 2009

If it works and came with an operating system I don't think he's been robbed.

As Jim_F says, it probably won't run Vista but with XP it will suffice for office and internet duties.

  keef66 10:44 09 Jun 2009

Actually, just noticed the cpu running at 200ghz. That's some overclock for a 4 year old machine!

  buel 11:24 09 Jun 2009

overclocked you say? does that mean that it is running at above what it is supposed to? ie-not good for it?
i was thinking that the hard drive saying 2005 may not necessarily mean that the processor is that old you see.
ps- can you get a single stick of 896mb ram or is it probably a 1gb just showing as 896?

  OTT_Buzzard 11:37 09 Jun 2009

I think keef66 was pointng out a typo in your post! 2000GHz would be a hella good processor speed!. Assuming it's supposed to be 2.00GHz.

Chances are that it's showing 896mb RAM because of on board grahpics consuming the rest.

  OTT_Buzzard 11:38 09 Jun 2009

200GHz, even. Typo's a plenty today!

  OTT_Buzzard 11:43 09 Jun 2009

Lookng at it, your RAM seems to be able to out run usain bolt as well. 200MHz me thinks!

  Belatucadrus 11:51 09 Jun 2009

I think keef66 is implying the loss of a decimal point. 2.00Ghz from a Celeron is believable 200Ghz isn't even with some extremely OTT overclocking. It could also be referring to the FSB frequency which could be 200Mhz.

  buel 12:34 09 Jun 2009

thanks for that! so i think we are agreed that the processor is indeed 2.00ghz! thank you all!

  buel 14:35 09 Jun 2009

hi again, just 1 more thing- from the details i've posted can anyone tell me what type of ram he should buy? ie- ddr1, dd2 or dd3?

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