fried CPU(x3) ~~~HELP~~~

  uncleherman 09:14 09 Dec 2004

The story so far.I was swapping the cpu on my wifes PC,athlon XP1700+for a duron 1300,I rebooted nothing happened motherboard lit up,fans started,no windows then pcswitches off.
check graphics,monitor,every thing ok.Replaced original duron same thing nothing.
Mobo knackered I thought POO [Sad]
Replaced mobo,gigabyte ga-7zmmh with a epox 8KTA3+,same story wifes old duron nothing happens except smell of burning(no cpu overheat protection on older mobo)
so I check jumpers and realise I've dropped a clanger FSB mistakenly set for 133Mhz.Thats it then problem solved change to 100Mhz then try daughters duron 1300 POOF more burning cpu ,irate daughter/wife,confused husband.
What is the problem ???
Is it possible for a faulty PSU to fry just the CPU as this is the only common between the two MOBO's, or have I missed something??
Thanks in advance for any help. [Sad]

  Urotsukidoji 09:17 09 Dec 2004

termal paste?

remember you will need to scape off the goo from the existing chip, re apply termal paste and reseat heatsink.

  Gongoozler 09:31 09 Dec 2004

Don't just scrape old thermal paste from the heatsink and processor, clean every spec of the old stuff. A few months ago I burnt out a processor, and close examination revealed a tiny spec of old dried out thermal pad. So clean the surfaces and check with a magnifying glass that the surfaces are REALLY clean.

I don't think a faulty PSU can be responsible because the CPU volts are regulated on the motherboard. I also doubt that the wrong FSB frequency can cause such a dramatic failure.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:21 09 Dec 2004

"CPU volts are regulated on the motherboard" some older boards you nedd to cange dip switches to set the voltages 1.5 1.3 etc. Consult the manual and make sure right voltage set for cpu.

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