Friday 13th virus?

  greybeard 19:44 14 Aug 2004

Yesterday was fairly frustrating with the pc (running XP) freezing at about 2 hour intervals ( no obvious consistent reason).

On rebooting, a screen report "..system32\ntosknl.exe missing or corrupt" appeared, but no action was taken. The pc then properly rebooted.
Today no problems ...yet.
Is there something nasty in the woodshed ?

  stalion 19:47 14 Aug 2004

run a scan just in case click here

  greybeard 19:54 14 Aug 2004

We have done full system scans with NAV 2004 which produced no results.
By the way, for anyone who thinks I've just updated my os, I'm looking after the grandchildren, and it's the son-in-law and daughter's pc that I am on at the moment which is having the problem, so I am trying to sort out the problem before they return tomorrow.

  stalion 20:04 14 Aug 2004

try the one I have posted it's free and can pick up things that norton does not.It does not instal so you can delete it if you want after the scan

  greybeard 20:16 14 Aug 2004

I'll leave the link for daughter to decide tomorrow, as I don't feel that I have the right to download anything without her consent.
Thanks again, as I have some vague memory that there was a friday 13th malware that was mainly a nuisance rather than malicious, only appearing at the appropriate date. Hence today we appear to have no problems, but something may be lurking in the woodwork.

  stalion 20:18 14 Aug 2004

understand, all the best

  greybeard 20:22 14 Aug 2004

By the way, I 've seen references to doing av scans in safe mode. Is this potentialy more effective, and if so why ?

  Forum Editor 20:24 14 Aug 2004

the error message you're getting is usually due to an error in the boot.ini file. I assume you haven't altered any of the partition sizes on the machine?

You can usually fix the error fairly easily if you have the XP installation CD - just copy NTOSKRNL.EXE from the CD into the %systemroot%/system32 directory.

  stalion 20:25 14 Aug 2004

It is because problems that you may have can hide when the whole system is running.Safe mode only loads the necessary components.Regards

  greybeard 21:12 14 Aug 2004

Hi FE, thanks for the info, but I "spoke"too soon.
In the middle of typing this reply, the pc crashed. Re-booted, it promptly froze. On re-starting the second time, I chose the "use last known good config" or something like that, and it gave me a blue screen with an error report "... Ntfs.sys Page fault in non-paged area....."
As this was the first time it had apeared, I rebooted with the "normal start up" and all so far is well (has any one got an emoticon for crossed figers?).
Thanks. I'll remember that when I'm safely back on my own keyboard etc!

  greybeard 21:19 14 Aug 2004

No, no change to any partions etc.

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