FreshDownload.....saving/deleting downloaded files

  allang 10:37 10 Mar 2004

Jester2k & Stuartli.... thanx for the help/advice on the above prog.

Downloading ok,but can anyone who uses the above prog provide advice on the correct method for saving downloaded files.I downloaded Spybot last night, 3.2Meg,and saved to its own folder.After download finished,I deleted the file from FreshDownload and it also vanished from my Spybot folder.

When I selected the delete option,it did say " Do you want to delete file xxxx from the hard drive". I chose yes,thinking I was just deleting from FD and not the complete file. Can anyone tell me what I've done wrong please.

Also,I noticed that when I start a download I get both the FD and the normal Windows download dialogue boxes at the same time.Is that correct?

Thanx again in advance.Allan.

  zemdarin 11:31 10 Mar 2004

Hi I use Freshdownload all the time, and I download programs to my desktop, I close all open windows Install the program move the downloaded icon into a folder and save it to my hard drive called downloads, then burn it onto a disc. Which means if you want to reinstall it you will always have it on your computer, or disc. The other thing you asked is to make Freshdownload your primary download manager, go into FreshDownloads Options/Intergrate and tick whichever browser you are using method 1{bho) Then make sure if you are using Windows Tools/Internet Options/Advanced and tick the box Allow 3rd party browser extensions and then restart your computer. The next time you download something other than sites that do not let you use anything else but their downloader, Freshdownload will automatically take over.

  allang 12:22 10 Mar 2004


  Jester2K 12:37 10 Mar 2004

Under Options, Files, Check (tick) "Delete From List After Finished Download". This will automatially remove it from the list but not the Hard Drive (ie your download will remian on the disk) when the download is complete.

When you were asked if you wanted to delete the file xxx from the hard drive, you said yes, and so it did. Next time say NO.

"Also,I noticed that when I start a download I get both the FD and the normal Windows download dialogue boxes at the same time.Is that correct? "

I also get this. It never used to happen. FD seems to get more buggy as time goes on but i can't find a better, simpler download manager. I get round this by selecting Method 2 in Integration. And yes i have done what zemdarin sugests many times. Still doesn't work properly.

  allang 13:08 10 Mar 2004

Thanx again.

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