Fresh xp install keeps crashing

  mattbell1975 08:26 16 Mar 2007

hi i have a newish laptop acer aspire 5051 which kept playing up it would crash/freeze on me quite often so i decided to do a fresh install of win xp gets to saving settings 5 minutes left and then a blue screen apears with thin blue lines vertically and does nothing.....any ideas?

  MAJ 09:17 16 Mar 2007

Sounds like a hardware problem, possibly hard drive or memory, mattbell1975. If it's "newish", it's probably still under warranty, have you tried getting it repaired under warranty?

  mattbell1975 11:02 16 Mar 2007

yeah just done it again and it got to 5 mins and the crashed i have tried installing about 20 times in the last 18 hours or so at first it wasnt getting past 19 minutes ....... i havent got a clue....

  mattbell1975 13:49 16 Mar 2007

finally it has gone in and now boots with a fresh copy of xp....wonderful.....however the laptop still freezes up i have tried a CHKDSK and at no 4 of 5 it freezes? any ideas?
it freezes at verifying file data something not quite right is there any thing i can do to help it?

  mattbell1975 13:59 16 Mar 2007

and it doesnt crash in safe mode at all

  silverous 14:01 16 Mar 2007

Can you restart after it crashes? If so, go into the Event Viewer (control panel, administrative tools) and check the various Event Logs out - sometimes they will give some info prior to the crash.

  mattbell1975 14:27 16 Mar 2007

i can restart after the crashes however the events viewer means nothing to me what am i looking for in there there is some errors

  silverous 14:33 16 Mar 2007

Go into the errors in there and see what the text says (you double click on them to bring up the detailed text). If they are consistently present in there just before your crash and for example they pointed to a graphics card driver error then you would know where to start looking.

  mattbell1975 14:37 16 Mar 2007

mmmm thanks but im not that good on looking at script

  silverous 14:44 16 Mar 2007


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