Fresh install of XP,any advice please? Drivers etc

  buel 19:39 20 Sep 2009

Hi, i've had enough of my (girlfriend's) slow Medion laptop (Model MD96032, 40gb 'C' hard drive and a partition of 15.9gb 'D' drive)) so im going to do a fresh install of XP. The system is 3 years old now and i have used it 3-4 hours per night and installed and uninstalled quite a few programmes in that time so im guessing a fresh install of XP would benefit it?
My questions are:
1, i have put all desktop folders/downloads/data into one single folder on the desktop and cut and pasted everything in 'My Documents' to a another seperate folder on the desktop, is there any other data i have forgotten about? All my downloaded data has always gone to 'My Documents' so i think i've covereed them but im still not 100% sure i haven't missed anything? Please let me know any advice you can offer?

I've made a list of all programmes that i use so i can install them again after the XP install using the exe files that i have but what confuses me is:
2, Do i use my XP disk (that Cream helpfully sent me)to do the install or do i 'utilise' the partition on my hard drive named 'RECOVER (D)' that contains folders named 'Recover', 'Driver', 'Tools', 'System Volume Information' and 'Recycler'? Again, im not 100% sure what or how to use this partition?
Thank you in advance for any answers...!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:04 20 Sep 2009

You need to backup everything you want OFF the laptop and place on memory sticks CDs DVDs or an external drive.

Any thing on the laptop will be lost.

Recovery is the best way to go as it will recover a full set of windows plus all the correct drivers and any pre installed softwqre that came with the machine.

If its a Medion it will have come with recovery disks as well as the separately save partitions

The Recovery Partition will have files named Factory.PQI FActory.002 etc these are images of the drive when new but you need the recovery CD to activate them.

  buel 20:18 20 Sep 2009

Sorry for that, yes i meant to say im going to transfer the 2 desktop folders that i have made to my external hard drive! Ok, i shall look for the cd/dvd that came with it, if no luck am i right to think that Medion will sell me a replacement disc?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:23 20 Sep 2009

Medion Normaly give you a Full XP CD and a backup driver disk as well as the recovery disk.

A replacement will probably cost you.

If you have a XP CD you can install from that using the number on the machine and all the drivers in the driver folder on D.

But still better to check for a recovery Disk first

The recovery disk is basically a version of Ghost.

  woodchip 20:31 20 Sep 2009

To use the Recovery Partition images you need to run the Restore CD from Medion. In have two Medions Both mine have OEM XP CD's and also Medion Restore CD's So i can use either. Putting files on the Desktop is nno good as both Restore or a full Install from a XP CD will Remove all things on the C:\ Drive Any files you want to save should be saved to D:\ as this will not be touched both mine have three Partitions Restore being on E:\ If you remove any Partitions the Restore will not work no more the Drivers for the Laptop should be in a Folder on D:\

  BRYNIT 21:00 20 Sep 2009

As Fruit Bat /\0/\ has stated Medion Computers usually come with two disks.

1. Product recovery disk this will have Widows XP on and allow you to do a clean install.

2. Application and support disk, this will allow you to recover the computer to how it was when you purchased it.

If you have the Application and support disk booting from this will allow you to restore the computer from the recovery files on the D drive to how you originally got it.

This is the Unofficial Aldi - Medion Support Forum click here if you do not have the Application and Support disk someone maybe able to tell you how to get one.

  buel 21:49 20 Sep 2009

Thank you very much for your help everyone, much appreciated!!

  sharpamat 07:56 21 Sep 2009

If you cannot find the support and application CD and have to use your XP disc ensure the installation number is still on the laptop. then pre install go to Medions website click here support and downloads then useing the numbers on your laptop download the drivers, You wont be able to download any pre installed programs which is why the support disc and a restore to factory settings is the best option

  buel 09:36 21 Sep 2009

Thank you so much for your help so far!
Ok, i have just rang Medion and a very friendly Dutch man told me that the 'Application support disc' would cost me £14.99 and the XP Home installation disc would cost me £19.99. He said that if i already had an XP Home installation disc then that would suffice but if i had an XP Pro disc then that would not work, i could have sworn that i have used my XP Pro disc to install XP home before now?
Also, he told me that if i used the Support and Application disc then i wouldn't get Microsoft Word with it as it is only a trial? What else comes with that disc that i cant get elsewhere please? (I have Nero myself)

  BRYNIT 11:41 21 Sep 2009

All of the full programs originally installed will be on this disk and should also be in the tools folder on the D drive.

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