Fresh install - but hangs and restarts!!!

  CutNpaste 11:59 09 Nov 2006

My computer parts are all brand new apart from my two sata HDD's.
These are spec of the new parts:
3.4GHz Dual core Pentium
P5V-WM DH mobo
ddr2 ram 512mb
and MSI X1300 pro

when i do a fresh install in one of the partiotin in my HDD, the system will hang after 3-4 mins of logging in or resart. the error msg would be a device driver error - but my drivers will all be updated even bios. sometimes i would get some unknown error. And the funny thing is that i installed xp so many times b i still get the same problem.

i made a previous post:
click here

could it be the HDD's as they are the only old components in the system???

plzzzz help!!!!

  Smiler 12:04 09 Nov 2006

Have you tried formatting the drive and doing a fresh install.

  CutNpaste 12:07 09 Nov 2006

yep done a full format and even tried another copy of windows xp but still the same

any ideas????

  jimv7 12:23 09 Nov 2006

Boot from the xp cd, use the repair option and run check disk from the command tool list.

Also have you pressed f6 during the install as requested by xp to install the sata drivers(shown as scsi)you need the sata drivers, found on the motherboard driver cd, copied onto a floppy disk.

  CutNpaste 17:02 09 Nov 2006

ok i've done that !
and i have the same problems.

i done a low level format and installed xp again.

and the error i get agian and again;
unknown device error

how do i fix this or is it my motherboard or shall i just switch back to my more stable single core??

plzz help!!!

  CutNpaste 17:17 09 Nov 2006

do i need to setup jumpers for my SATA's????

  CutNpaste 17:57 09 Nov 2006

im getting both explorere problems and Dr.Watson problems as well

wot is going on maan

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