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  Windsor 12:07 08 Feb 2011

Is it possible to program a function key to save having to input the same thing over and over again e.g. email address?


  Woolwell 14:05 08 Feb 2011

In which program do you want to insert the same text?

  Catastrophe 14:07 08 Feb 2011

You can do this within Word and possibly other applications.

Go to Tools Autocorrect and Replace With

For example:
Replace: 88sa
With: 88 Selsey Avenue Todmorden Dorset HE27 86R

You could compile a selective address list in Word and copy and paste into some other applications.

I have not checked whether you can include punctuation and line breaks.

I used this very effectively writing a text book for Marcel Deekker where I replaced frequent words such as:
zam = amphoteric
cic = cationic
aic = anionic
stt = surface tension

etc. etc.

Hope this might help. There may well be other/better ways depending on exactly what you want.


  Catastrophe 14:10 08 Feb 2011
  Windsor 14:33 08 Feb 2011

Thanks for your advice.

I haven't wordrd my question well. For example: On many occasions, you have to enter your email address to open an app. and I get sick of typing it over and over and would like just to press a F key for it to appear magically!


  Catastrophe 15:02 08 Feb 2011

OK. Not what my system suits best, which is perfect for Word and less useful as you radiate out.

For example, you could just have an 'address book' for emails and copy and paste into other apps.

Hopefully someone may be able to provide magic F-keys for you.

I can't immediately see how it might work across different applications but I bet it can be done.


  Catastrophe 15:44 08 Feb 2011

If you google something like
function key insert text

you will find entries like

click here

but I will leave it to you to see if there is anything relevant there.

  Drum 18:03 08 Feb 2011

There's another way ...........
I get so much email to answer every day, I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking, which is utterly fantastic, and have trained it to type repetitive phrases etc merely by saying a key word or words.
eg. If I say "my address", my complete address instantly appears on the page or form field. I've also trained it for email addresses in the same way.
Would thoroughly recommend the program, and there's speech recognition in W7 which may do a similar job.

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