Frequent Freezeups

  rossgolf 19:34 10 Dec 2008

a while ago i started experiencing some freezeups.
so i thort, psu
i changed that with a brand new spare i had and it fixed the problem
now, about a month on i have started getting the freezeups again about 1-1.5 hours after bootup
i re-installed Xp when i put in the new PSU so i think i can rule out that. so now it comes down to either the RAM or CPU
but has anyone got any other suggestions what it could be and how i can rule out my cpu without using a different one with my computer?



  birdface 19:42 10 Dec 2008

When you put the new new Psu in did you give it a good clean inside and out.Could it be overheating.

  rossgolf 19:49 10 Dec 2008

yes i did
but i dont think its overheating tbh because i have one fan on the side of my case (galaxy 3) another one on the back of it
one on my cpu heatsink
one on my graphics card and obviously one on my PSU

but, i should of said in my first post that when i restart it has a tendency to freeze when it boots up aswell and i have to leave it for about 30 mins for it to calm down before i go back to it

  rossgolf 19:51 10 Dec 2008

reading that back it sounds like overheating
lol dumb moment
ill go give it a good clean and put 1 stick of RAM in and report back

  rdave13 19:53 10 Dec 2008

As well as a good anti-dusting try memtest; click here . Burn the iso file to CD and run on bootup.

  rossgolf 20:08 10 Dec 2008

will do
back on the troubled PC atm
so far so good with the one stick
give it an hour and it will probably freeze :(

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