Frequent disconnections on Netgear router

  Tomski_1991 22:59 07 Jan 2011

Hi Guys.

I bought a Netgear DGN1000 ADSL router today to replace the router that Tiscali provided me when I signed up with them.

After setting up the new router I am able to connect to the internet, however it has frequent disconnects. By frequent, I mean every 10-20 minutes. It appears that during these disconnections I am still connected to my router, but the router just isn’t getting an internet connection. These disconnections last no more than a minute. Two LEDs turn off on the router when the disconnection happens. I don’t know what they represent but they look like this:

click here
click here

They both turn off at the same time. Fig.1 appears again roughly 20 seconds later, then Fig.2 appears after another 20 seconds. I have attempted many things to try and fix this. These are:

- Used a different ADSL cable
-Used a different filter
- Changed to different MTU values (although I’m not actually sure which one I’m suppose to have)
- Changed to several different encryption types
- Switched from “Up to 150 mps” to “b/g” mode
- Changed to different wireless channels
- Reinstalled router
- Changed SSID
- Upgraded to latest firmware

I’m certain that this is not a faulty router. This is because I bought the same model from eBay a few weeks ago which had the same problems, but this was just because it was used. Obviously this is not the case.

I would be grateful if anyone would suggest anything to stop these disconnections. If I can’t get this sorted over the weekend, I’ll return the router on Monday and get a different model.

Thanks in advance!

  ashleycardwell94 21:15 14 Jan 2011

Some routers, after a certain but customisable time, disconnect from the internet as like a sleep mode. Log in to the router and look for something like this.

  spook88 21:55 17 Jan 2011

with my netgear router - started on friday 7th afternoon - also on tiscali.....have you found the answer yet? as am still getting the problem with 10 minutes on and off.

  Tomski_1991 23:22 17 Jan 2011

No I didn't find a solution. I took the router back on Monday 10th and bought and Edimax AR-7284WNA. I wasn't holding out much hope but it doesn't disconnect at all. And it works perfectly for online gaming which was the main reason why I wanted a new router.

The only drawback that I have encountered so far is that my laptop has a slower download speed than my desktop and PS3. But it isn't too much of an annoyance at the moment and I will probably upgrade my wireless card in the near future.

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