French ISP (Club Internet) problems

  French Chemist 16:08 20 Mar 2005

Running Windows XP Home and at the moment in France. I have just signed up to a new French ISP, Club Internet, using a CD ROM. Everything went OK and I have all the relevant data, passwords etc. However, when I dial up I get the "balloon" up saying I am connected to Club Internet but I get an error saying it cannot find the server. If I try a "Favorite" the green band runs across quickly and it says "Done" but again it says DNS server fault could not find page. Any ideas as to what is wrong? I have joined numerous (well 6 or so different ISP's) before and had no problems like this.

  French Chemist 19:56 20 Mar 2005


  Belatucadrus 20:15 20 Mar 2005

Try going into modem properties / advanced and set the 'Country / region select' to France.
Not in a position to check this, maybe Sapins will know.

  French Chemist 08:52 21 Mar 2005

If I use my other (old) computer using n9uf as the ISP I can access the CI site and put in my password etc and there I am, e mail etc all available! Obviously I am signed on etc. However, put new laptop on line and log onto CI nothing! Tried putting CI parameters onto old computer and like new one it says logged on but no home page and so on. Baffled!


  Sapins 09:18 21 Mar 2005

The only thing I can think of is, I presume you have an English version of Windows? When I used the CD for Wanadoo it caused all sorts of problems, I had to manually set it up by inserting the CD then closing the installation window and via control panel set up the account from there. e.g.

I haven't had to set anything in modem properties.

Hope this helps. If not you could telephone an English computer shop here Tel. 05 53 23 65 45, he is an agent for Wanadoo but I'm sure he could help.

  Sapins 09:22 21 Mar 2005

Not thinking at all straight this morning.

You set up your new account in OE/tools etc; as you know, not control panel:-(

One other point if you use this method and you have broadband you still tick "connect via a dial up modem"



  French Chemist 19:56 21 Mar 2005

Having talked to friends about this provider have cancelled during the 7 day cooling off period. Apparently they have a poor reputation on the technical side. I should have asked first!


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