French accents in outlook express 6

  flick 20:28 18 Jan 2003
  flick 20:28 18 Jan 2003

From time to time I have to send emails (in French)to people in France.
Often the lack of the appropriate accents does not materially affect the meaning and when it does I have laboriously copied accented letters in from Word 97.
I presume there is an easier way and am relying on the renowned expertise of the helproom to suggest an alternative.

Many thanks.

  Noels 21:17 18 Jan 2003

Can't tell you how to do it but do a search on this Forum as this question came up and I think was answered in the last couple of months

  Noels 21:20 18 Jan 2003

Also a more laborious way is in Word go to Insert then Symbol, then trawl through all the fonts until you find the appropriate one complete with accent

  watchful 21:50 18 Jan 2003

If you type the letter and hold down Alt Gr. like é for example it will do it.

  Peter E 21:54 18 Jan 2003

An easier way might be to open the character map (start -programs - accessories - system tools if you have Win XP), select the characters you use most often and make a note of the keystrokes which appear in the bottom right of the character map as you select them. For example Alt + 0234 (use numeric keypad for the numbers) gives e with a circumflex (ê). You can then use these keystrokes when in outlook express. Also by holding down the Alt Gr and pressing a e i o or u, the following are available - á é í ó ú (and the capital equivalents too if you have caps lock on or hold down shift key).

Hope this is of help.

  flick 22:37 18 Jan 2003

Thanks watchful and Peter E - I never knew Alt Gr existed until tonight. That's the acute and circumflex accents sorted. Anyone know where the grave accent is?

  Peter E 00:35 19 Jan 2003

In case you misunderstood - they are all in the character map (arial set). Trouble is you either have to click them to copy them across and paste them in although it's easier to note down the keystrokes and do them directly from the numberpad on the keyboard.

Another alternative is to use Word as your e-mail editor (if you have it). You can then use either Insert - Symbols or alternatively there are keystrokes. Eg Ctrl+' followed by pressing e gives é and Ctrl+' followed by a gives á - and so on. There are keystrokes like that for the other foreign characters you rquire. Again, you can make a note of the keystrokes if necessary.


  krislas 13:10 19 Jan 2003

I have Word 2000 and I have set the spell checker to do so in French. I just had to install the required elements form the CD. Vu que j'ecris souvent a ma famille en France je trouve ca tres utile. Ca ne marche pas pour ce genre de message par contre!!

  flick 14:40 19 Jan 2003

Merci bien pour ca, Krislas.
I use Word97 for the more important correspondence. Since I have to look up most of the vocabulary in a dictionary I haven't felt the need to use a spellchecker and as you point out it doesn't help much with the grammar.

  pj123 15:47 19 Jan 2003

It is much easier to use the ASCII codes. I can send you a chart with them all on if you like.

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