for a freind......

  BIG ben strikes 10 09:33 14 Mar 2004

hi all,my freind needs your help.i have built a computer,and so my freind thought i knew alot about computers.obvisoly she came to me askin for she said...........
that her internet connection isnt workin.they have 2 routed computers computer A works computer B doesnt.any suggestions?
windows 2000,netgear router,internet provider:bleyonder.any thing else you would like to know tell me and ill phone.cheers/thankyou(depending on if you drink beer or not?)

  johnnyrocker 10:36 14 Mar 2004

what dun config? (how does the way a is configured compared to b?)


  JerryJay 10:51 14 Mar 2004

(1) Check to see if network setting in B work properly. (most likely problem)

(2) Maybe router should be set with NATP not NAT for both to access internet same time.

Check out homenethelp click here

  BIG ben strikes 10 11:03 14 Mar 2004

i think she said there was two cables one to A ther other to B

  Paranoid Android 11:05 14 Mar 2004

Has this never worked, or has it stopped working recently ?


  BIG ben strikes 10 11:05 14 Mar 2004

i mean the the two cables running from the netgear router.i think the broadband modem is connected to the router and the other cables feed out to the computers.thanx

  BIG ben strikes 10 11:06 14 Mar 2004

stopped working recently.cheers

  W.o.t.i.f 11:28 14 Mar 2004

how is computer b not working? internet wise? or network wise? check firewalls are turned off and then retry. If it is xp, it has a built in firewall which can be turned off in network connection properties.

  BIG ben strikes 10 11:31 14 Mar 2004

i dont think its the router.becouse computer A is still online its just that B isn't.she is using win 2000.i think it could be the would she go about reseting it?.cheers

  BIG ben strikes 10 12:40 14 Mar 2004

sorry guys/girls it is working now.she said she dont know what was wrong with it but it is working now.but thanks alot anyway

  johnnyrocker 12:52 14 Mar 2004

and a completion tick would be nice;)


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