Freezing xp pro

  willhay 21:05 19 Jun 2003

A friend has a pc running xp pro, and recently it has started to lock up for no apparent reason. To try and narrow it down i reformatted it and reinstalled xp pro , office and the nesessary drivers. I then went to install freeserve and it froze, the hd light went out, cont\alt\delete would not work, it was froze solid. I switched the power off and restarted this time it done it when i went to play a music cd. I opened the case and noticed it was connected as such.... cdrw slaved off HD and connected to ide1 and the dvd on its own ide2, so I changed it to cdrw slaved off the dvd and connected to ide2 and the hd connected to ide1. This did not help. I noticed the CPU temp is 53oC and the problem seems to only have started since the warm weather, there is no case fan.

  SimonC 21:33 19 Jun 2003

At the risk of stating the obvious it could well be you have hit the nail on the head try a case fan ( about £4.99) or 2 if the case allows it. Also check the basics like CPU fan, a classic lock up candidate, video card fan, (if it has one), build up of dust etc. Please let me know how u go on coz I am running XP Pro and I've just added 2 extra case fans and I have say my system is a rock, hope this works 4 your friend.
If it's not cooling and it has just happened suddenly then it could be hardware related, but I would tell your friend to review any recently installed programs before getting into those realms.


  Philip2 21:38 19 Jun 2003

You not have any drives slaved off your hard drive this can cause data transfer problems.

  willhay 21:38 19 Jun 2003

Dont think its any programs as he only has a few on, I'll post here if I find the problem, may take a few days though.

  willhay 21:39 19 Jun 2003

nothing slaved of the hard drive now and still the problem persists

  SimonC 21:53 19 Jun 2003

How many memory stick has he got?, try interchanging them and runnig them alone and see if the problem persists with or without certain memory sticks. Could be a stick on it's way out another random lock-up\crash candidate!


  willhay 22:39 19 Jun 2003

only the one memory stick

  Philip2 01:23 20 Jun 2003

If your running XP have you checked the avent log to see if that can give you a clue to the problem.

  willhay 12:45 20 Jun 2003

I think I may have found the prob, I removed one side of the case to aid cooling as he doesnt have a case fan fitted, and he phoned me this morning to say that it ran for 3.5 hours with no problem at all, so fingers crossed. Oh and how do you find the event log

  Philip2 16:18 20 Jun 2003

Go to control panel click on admin tools left click event viewer any faults will show with red dot with white cross also shows date and time.

  Tj_El 17:14 20 Jun 2003

I would say that you have already found the problem - no fan.

Normally when the weather gets warmer, indoor ambient temperatures rise a few degrees and so will the temperature within the PC case so it will cut out to protect itself.

If he can handle leaving the sides of the case off (with the increase fan noise that will generate) then that would work until you fixed the case fans in place.

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