Freezing when writing to a CD-R

  Cheedmonkey 23:22 03 Jun 2003

For some reason when im half way through writing mp3s to a blank CD-R my computer freezes and i have to switch it off and on again.

I suspect its a hardware problem as i have tried many different brands of CD-Rs and both, RealOne player and Roxio EasyCD Creater to burn the CDs. The same problem occurs at a random point during the burning process.

This problem just started one day for no reason i can see.

If anyone could help i would be most greatful thanks

  wawadave 08:04 04 Jun 2003

need more info like system spects ram,cpu,o/s

  Cheedmonkey 19:01 04 Jun 2003

I am running windows 98 on a pentium 2 - 400mhz - 64mb RAM. The problematic CD-R drive is an internal one by LG. Same problem occurs whatever software i use with it.


  Cheedmonkey 19:03 04 Jun 2003

thats windows 98!

  Confab 19:17 04 Jun 2003

Try Ctrl Alt Del and end task on all running apps except explorer and try burning again. It might be one of your other apps "interfering" with the burn process. Also try using a CDRW until you've fixed the problem. You don't really want to waste CDR's.


  Joe McG 19:27 04 Jun 2003


Can only agree with Amber-Shortie, and another 128Mb ram (minimum) would certainly give your system a healthy boost.

  Stuartli 19:33 04 Jun 2003

Do you have a screensaver that kicks in fairly early?

If so set it for a much longer period than that taken to burn a disk or disks.

Alternatively move the mouse every few minutes to prevent the screensaver kicking in.

Another thought is whether you have burnproof protection?

  Cheedmonkey 21:18 04 Jun 2003

Amber, CTRL, ALT, DLT doesnt work at all - the computer just freezes full stop. Even with all other apps closed.

And i dont have a screensaver set either.

Im not sure about burnproof protection stuart - i'll look into that - never heard of it.

Thanks anyway


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