Freezing on SHUT_DOWN with Windows 98SE

  cosh 22:10 17 Nov 2004

I recently successfully installed and used a new CDRW . However upon shutting down some hours later I got the blue screen with the message :-
A fatal exception 06 has occurred at 0060:00003006 etc . It would not respond to Ctrl-Alt-Del but on hitting another key the screen went to background colour with a black small square where the mouse was and the machine froze --all I could do was switch it off . On restart it scans the hard drives.

I uninstalled all the software I’d installed and I still had the problem. I then reinstalled the software and have gone thru a lot of checks I got from Microsoft Knowledge base--all to no effect.

I ran system file checker and it came up with 2 files that it thinks are corrupt and suggests I restore the files from my installation discs--
The files are:-
SBPCIR16.DLL in Windows\System

I have had to ignore this because I don’t know which installation discs have these files. The CDRW discs do not.
1. How do I find out other than search all my application installation discs.?
2 .Does anyone recognise them?
3. Are they likely to be causing my shut down problem?

Apart from failing to shut down and the scanning of hard drive on subsequent starts the PC works fine

The fatal exception 06 does occasionally change its position reference but is usually at 0047:000000D3

The O/S is Windows 98SE

Would appreciate any suggestions which may help.

  VoG II 22:16 17 Nov 2004

SBPCIR16.DLL and ENSQIO.VXD are drivers for a Creative Labs soundcard. Try reloading them.

  cosh 16:32 18 Nov 2004

Thanks VoG™

I replaced the two sound card files but it did not unfortunately cure my shut down problem.

How did you know to which application they belonged ? Is there some way of tracing the application to which files belong to other than reading each installation disc? If there is such a process I like to know it please.

Thanks for your help I no longer have corrupt files

  mattyc_92 16:45 18 Nov 2004

I had this problem around 3 years ago on Win98. I believe that Win98 is to blame. There are loads of faults in this operating system. I discovered that no matter what I did the problem didn't seem to go away. I ended up formating my system and re-installing everything again..... Back then I didn't have an internet conection so I could do the following.... Go to the microsoft website and type in the error message into the search field this SHOULD display ways in which to fix this problem. I suggest that when you get your system working again you use Norton GoBack or something to that effect to prevent this from happening...

  cosh 17:41 18 Nov 2004

Thanks mattyc_92
I have been to the M/Soft web site but type in the error "A fatal exception 06 has occurred at 0060:00003006 etc " did not produce any specific result.

I have used the built in Win 98 troubleshooting procedure and examined the bootlog.txt file.--the last lines of which are shown below
Terminate = User
Terminate = Query Drivers
EndTerminate = Query Drivers
Terminate = Unload Network
EndTerminate = Unload Network
Terminate = Reset Display
EndTerminate = Reset Display
EndTerminate = User
Terminate = KERNEL
Terminate = RIT
EndTerminate = RIT
Terminate = Win32

The troubleshoot procedure suggests that based on the last line of the above that the possible cause of my shutdown problem is “a problem with a 32 bit progam blocking a thread”. Anyone know how I might find which?

Help Please -- Cosh

  mattyc_92 17:53 18 Nov 2004

Then try the a problem with...... in the microsoft search thing
You can also contact a microsoft professional through the microsoft help and support that is in the windows start menu

  mattyc_92 17:57 18 Nov 2004

I have just found link to the help thing from windows click here this will allow you to contact windows (Microsoft). I have done this many times for help on windows xp and they are always glad to help. Tis service is free and all you require is a e-mail address

  cosh 23:46 02 Mar 2005

I eventually uninstalled INCD and the problem went away.

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