Freezing at Load up.

  Shinzo 13:47 17 Jun 2006

My computer isn't loading up. I tried to uninstall my default Video Card (S3) so I could install a new Video Card (Raedeon) SO after uninstalling and disabling that driver I put in my video card and loaded up. After installing the card (from which I shouldn't of done according to the manual) I restarted to finalise my options. From there, I tried to reboot but it wouldn't load up at all (as if the old Video Card was still in place) So I had to take that out so they didn't interfere with each other and loaded up again. Only this time now whenever I load up I have to go through a system check (as if I didn't shut down properly) and after that my computer freezes, regardless of whether I actually complete or skip the system check. If I press F5 during the beginning of setup I can choose to load up in Safe Mode in which my computer lists a list of faults, something to do with an error to go with System 32. I can also load up in "Latest Working Configurations" in which it still freezes after the System Check and any other options I am not familiar with don't work either...

Any ideas to get it ;past System Check and at least to Windows?

  brundle 13:51 17 Jun 2006

Is your power supply able to cope with the newer card? Check everything is seated properly, cables are correctly plugged in etc

  Shinzo 14:02 17 Jun 2006

There is nothing to assume that the power isn't able to cope. At the moment, I have the card taken out because even after I had installed it, it wouldn't load up (like before I installed it due to the computer not reconising 2 graphics cards)

But even so, I have once been able to load up the card after I uninstalled the graphics card and disabled the port. It was just after I installed it using "Found New hardware" that I have started to have the problems.

I can only think that the new card hasn't installed properly and because the old card was uninstalled and the port disabled the computer doesn't know what to do witht he infomation.

For this, the only resoluation I can make is by reinstalling Windows (Which I am saving for a last resort)

  surfmonkey #:@}© 14:17 17 Jun 2006

just a though is it an agp pci card your trying to install you could try going into the bios and enableing to agp if you last card (s3)wos an onboard type

  Shinzo 19:00 17 Jun 2006

I had this occurance before I tried to install the GFX card. What happens is this type of card must not be able to install properly without other cards being disabled. So whenever my S3 was installed and my Radeon was plugged in, the computer never turned on. Just the red light being kept as constant as if to say it wouldn't load up. Also, there was no signal to the monitor regardless of what port I used.

I got this again after I changed the settings to AVG in BIOS.

  Joe R 19:04 17 Jun 2006


if it is onboard graphics, these will have to be disabled in the bios, before you can boot to another card.

  Shinzo 19:09 17 Jun 2006

The question is more to do with the fact of how to get past the Start Up Screen as opposed to installing a new card.

Unless disabling it will make sure my computer loads properly.

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