firebirdb 09:52 24 Dec 2006

pc freezes mouse and key board and keys inoperable, only method to restart is reboot, what is cause ?

  daxian 11:18 24 Dec 2006

need more info .....
what operating system ?
what are you doing when it freezes,playing a game ? browsing the net ?typin document ?
how old is the pc ?Dave.

  birdface 16:24 24 Dec 2006

Lots of problems with Logitech,Since IE7 was first downloaded,Various fixes from shutting computer down, then re-starting, New battery in mouse,Deleting downloaded drivers and using Microsoft one's,I am just assuming that it is a logitech that you are using,

  firebirdb 16:30 24 Dec 2006

I am running windows XP, it freezes anytime usually browsing do not play games. Pc is 2 years old, also when freezing occurs sometimes have to switch PC off at plug, as all alt/control/delete, or off/on/restart buttons do not work.

  daxian 20:56 24 Dec 2006

hi firebirdb......
sounds like it may be overheating ....
have you any way of checking the cpu temps ?
more often than not there is a hardware monitor in the bios ,which will give you an idea of the temps inside the pc ....
at 2 years old there is a good chance the cpu heatsink will be clogged with dust ,which as you can imagine wont allow the fan to cool the cpu properly .
if the bios hardware monitor indicates that the temps are high ,i would try to remove as much dust as is possible ,use either a can of compressed air or an old paintbrush .
dont use a vaccume cleaner as these tend to create static which can destroy a pc.Dave.

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