Freeze up when using 'A' or 'D' drives.

  Peverelli 16:44 30 Jan 2003

Occasionally, when I try to open files from the floppy disk or CD Rom, my computer freezes and I have to reset. I thought it had something to do with ageing drives and have replaced both, but the computer seems to freeze more often lately. I've tried checking with Norton Utilities etc. but no problems are reported. Running W98 - Duron 850Mhz - PC Chips 810LMR mobo - 256 Mb RAM.

Any ideas?

  MalcSP 17:04 30 Jan 2003

Open up your PC in safe mode. Right Click on my computer. Click properties. Look up device manager. See how many CDROM drives (I assume your D Drive is a CDROM?) you have also FDDs. If you have more than 1 showing remove them all and restart your system normally. The system will find only the correct ones.

  Peverelli 18:09 30 Jan 2003

Title should have read ..'A','E' or 'F' drives.
I have 2 HDs (C & D), CD/RW (E) & DVD/CD Rom (F).

Will try out your suggestion, MalcSP. Thanks.

  Peverelli 18:30 30 Jan 2003

OK, I've done that & found I had 2 of nearly EVERYTHING (monitor, mouse, keyboard etc.) including, as you suspected, A, E & F drives. I have removed the duplicates and will monitor the situation to see if things have improved. If so, I shall tick as resolved. Cheers.

  Peverelli 19:42 30 Jan 2003

No joy, I'm afraid. Inserted PCA's January CD and the PC froze up again. Any more suggestions?

  MalcSP 22:51 30 Jan 2003

Have you got Norton to check all files on your system for viruses? If so, it may be that your system is not freezing, merely thateverything is being checked before anything is done.I'm not advising you to disable Norton entirely just to use it economically. Check e-mails as a matter of course but check input disks only when you tell it. I confess to a certain amount of risk in this but it might be your problem. The next step if I'm wrong here is to reload your operating system. You won't lose anything but it might clear up the problem.

  Peverelli 08:42 31 Jan 2003

I don't have Norton running in the background but I'll flash up Utilities whenever necessary (I use AVG for virus checking). I've left computer alone for over an hour to see if would kick back into action but it just sits there provoking me. I'm hoping to avoid reloading my OS (only have a Packard Bell Master Disk) as the last time I had to do that I lost all of my data and files. Hopefully there's an alternative. Will see if there's any improvement with AVG disabled - but for now I must go to bed after a heavy nightshift. Thanks for your suggestions.

  Peverelli 15:23 31 Jan 2003

I have uninstalled & reinstalled all 3 drives & up to now there's been no problems. Fingers crossed.

  Peverelli 22:59 12 Mar 2003

Problem resurfaced but have now upgraded to XP and everything is now OK. Must have been a glitch in 98.
Thanks for your suggestions, MalcSP

  Stuartli 23:25 12 Mar 2003

Your drives may not have been assigned the correct letters in Device Manager - this can happen if you reinstall Win98 or upgrade to Win98SE. The CD-ROM drive (D) moves to E during the installation.

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