freeze on start up welcome screen

  czkkzc 11:57 14 May 2008

Ive been having a few problems with my laptop recently. When it starts up, it will freeze on the login page either straight away or when ive clicked my account/typed password in.

The other week it completely froze and i had to hold the power button to switch it off (hasnt happened before). When i tried turning it back on it made a few loud beeps and not much happened. I could hear something (fan?) but i dont think the hard drive was being accessed at all. The screen wasnt on either. I tried the next day and to my suprise it worked.

This hasnt happened since but the problem with the login page freezing still occurs. I have to boot in safe mode to use it.

I have run virus and adware scans recently and they are updated.

Anyone have sloutions?

Its HP Pavillion dv6152eu
Windows XP Media Centre Edition
AMD Turion 64 Dual Core
1GB Ram

Thanks in advance for any help.

  simmo09 12:47 14 May 2008

it sounds like memory (ram) issue to me, or something else inside. If it is the ram you normally get system beeps when the pc is initially powered, and generally wont even get past the bios. The more i think about it, you may need a new power supply, often when your power supply begins to go you are not feeding enough power through the components, hence "i dont think the hard drive was being accessed at all".

Wait for a second opinion but if the problem is hardware related which i think might be so, then id be sure its one of them two

  czkkzc 13:03 14 May 2008

Ok thanks. I did think it may have been the new version of avg i installed using up all the resource but im not sure exactly when i installed it. Only new version works in safe mode though.

  simmo09 13:13 14 May 2008

i cant see it been your AVG, as long as you got it from the genuine site, and if it was eating up your memory your computer would start using memory from your hard disk, which would only slow your pc down. With 1GB of RAM that should be enough, especially on XP. If you do manage to get your pc on, try this to remove unwanted startup items:

Start, Run, type "msconfig" without the qoutes, and stop unwanted items (if you are unsure what to uncheck post here or google).

You may also want to update your drivers, for sound, graphics, wireless etc. And also do the regular checks for spyware etc.

I do think if your hard drives stopped though it may be hardware related, needless to say its good to do these checks :)

  czkkzc 13:20 14 May 2008

Thanks, ive unchecked aol as i dont use this anymore but im not sure what else is safe to remove.

I have been having trouble with the built in wireless for a few months and its not the driver with the problem. I will update them all though.

What else can i remove from the startup items?

  simmo09 13:30 14 May 2008

click the "Services" tab and uncheck "hide all microsoft services" generally you can uncheck these with care. As for the startup items its really about identifying what they are and if you can live without them starting up.

You may also want to look at a free program called hijack this which can help.

  rossgolf 13:37 14 May 2008

run a memtest to rule out the ram

  rossgolf 14:14 14 May 2008

or do a repair install which will reinstall xp but keep all of your files INTACT click here

  simmo09 14:19 14 May 2008

or if you havnt formatted for very very long time, breath new life into your computer and format it, remember to back your files up though!

Although rossgolfs repair link should do the trick, if it has been ages since it was formatted you will be amazed how well it will work again!

  czkkzc 14:24 14 May 2008

Thanks for all the suggestions. I will let you know how i get on!

  crosstrainer 14:38 14 May 2008

Have you by any chance SP3 installed? It causes even more issues on Media Centre than on XPpro or Home.

My laptop runs MCE, and I'm not letting it anywhere near SP3 until they sort out the issues.

A word of caution, if you have installed SP3 from Windows update DON'T uninstall it....This causes even more problems (as I found to my cost on a PC runnin XP pro)

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