Freeware...instead of MS Word?

  trisers 20:32 23 Sep 2004

Can anyone recommend some freeware that is in popular use?
I intend to send various documents by email and want as many people as possible to be able to open the documents without them neccesarily having the same software, and so they can see the documents in their original layout (justification etc).
I assume most might open the document with MS Word as they are business customers so a completely compatable software recommendation would be appreciated.

  johnnyrocker 20:36 23 Sep 2004

click here pretty comprehensive but be careful about what you save it as otherwise some recipients could lose all benefit.


  terminus 20:53 23 Sep 2004
  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 20:53 23 Sep 2004

wordpad has always done me fine,i don't ever have to use ms word (thankfully),exel,power point,publisher+i aint spending 3 naughts for MS software!.goodluck!.ben

  LastChip 21:02 23 Sep 2004
  trisers 21:05 23 Sep 2004

Thanks now in progress! ;)

  Simsy 23:03 23 Sep 2004

if you want folk to see the documents exactly asyou created them, (without the recipients being able to alter them), you are better off converting the document, (whatever it is), to a pdf file. There are some free pdf converters available... you could try pdffactory at click here

Alternatively, if the "document" in question is just text, (i.e. no textboxes), youcould save it as an .rtf file. Most word processors will be able to open this type of file and you will have no problems with justification etc.



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