Freeware to remove duplicate phrases ?

  PhilBoy59 17:18 24 Sep 2012

I have a massive joke file from my days at AOL. Mostly rude adult stuff and some offensives, but all funny.

I have driven myself nuts trying to find a programme, preferably free. that can find duplicate entries within a text file. Even my lovely friends at, a superb freeware an shareware site, are a little defeated by this challenge.

So I hand over to the older and wiser mob,..... yes you, any takers ?

I know there are lots of duplicate file finders, but what I want is a word or phrase within within a text fileduplicate finder.A somewhat elusive beast. Using "Find" would take forever and is unsuitable. If you dont beleive me try it on a large txt file with lots of "unknown duplicates".

I would be willing to offer a copy of my pruned txt file to anyone who can help me, who is of an unshockable adult disposition. There are no police man jokes in there.

PhilBoy xxx:P

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