Freeware Anti-Virus/Firewall

  Cloggsy1 18:36 25 Jan 2007

Hello All,

What would your recommendation be for freeware Anti-Virus and Firewall products be? I'm looking for a top performer...

Many many thanks in advance...

  pac73 18:39 25 Jan 2007

AVG 7.5 Free Edition,and Zone Alarm 7 Free Firewall.You can get these from FileHippo.Com.

  Totally-braindead 18:44 25 Jan 2007

I use the same as pac73 they work well.
Don't like AVG 7.5 then get AVAST. Some prefer the way it works and looks over AVG. Choice is yours.
Theres not really an overall winner.
If you want a top performer you will have to pay and the best anti virus out there is probably NOD32. But AVG has kept me safe for about 3 years now as has Zone Alarm firewall.

  Cloggsy1 18:45 25 Jan 2007

I don't like Zone Alarm - always found it really 'greedy' on processor and RAM!

I'm also looking for a program which does a similar job to Norton's 'Speed Disk' - Any recommendations for that too?

  RobCharles1981 18:46 25 Jan 2007

Comodo Works Great For me.

  pac73 18:48 25 Jan 2007

You,ll find the things you want on Filehippo.

  Totally-braindead 18:55 25 Jan 2007

Diskeeper lite is recommended by many for defragging.

  baldtaco 18:55 25 Jan 2007

Avast AV - click here
Comodo Firewall - click here
Something like System Safety Monitor or Spyware Terminator to harden the firewall more against being taken from behind. click here
click here

Those run together well and make a good basis for other more specific stuff you may want to add.

  Cloggsy1 18:56 25 Jan 2007

Superb Pac, I'll have a look ;o)

  Cloggsy1 20:02 01 Feb 2007

I'm now using Avast AV & Comodo... Thanks all ;o)

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