Freeview TV / record & watch different channels

  JYM 11:55 21 May 2007

Hi there

I am new to this but desperate!
I bought a BUSH tv with built-in freeview and 2 scart soccets.

I would like to buy a machine that:

* Can record a dvd

* Has a hard drive

* Can record one program while watching another station.

I have bought about 4 machines and taken them back as they don't work. I have since found out that all machines are not compatable with each other. Having visited several shops to chat to 'knoweldgeable' salesmen, I have a head full of conflicting advice / knowledge. Apparentley I should have been aware that built in freeview means I can't record only watch freeview as everybody knows this! Just not me.

I am thinking of getting sky basic package to improve my aerial signal and would also like to know after following a thread, could I record sky using a basic decoder onto say.....Panasonic, or would I need the sky+ option?
Does the Panasonic have built-in freeview or twin tuner? What is the difference?

When I plugged in the other machines, they only picked up the analogue channels. Even when I deleted them from the tv.
I need to record and watch two different channels. Maybe freeview & freeview
freeview & sky
sky & sky

You will need to carefully read all of what I have thrown at you as it's alot! Sorry!!!
Hope you can give me some good advice.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:20 21 May 2007

What do you want to record on, DVD or hard drive?

get a DVD or HDD recorder with a built in digital tuner and aerial loop through to record on.

then you should be able to watch another digital channel on the tuner built into your TV.

  oldbeefer2 13:56 21 May 2007

This one click here will do all you ask for 150 quid. I've had one for a few months now. Must have a good aerial, though.

  oldbeefer2 13:57 21 May 2007

Whoops, just noticed you wanted to record a dvd as well. Bear in mind that you can record 80hours of progs, so do you need to burn as well?

  JYM 14:00 21 May 2007

I want the option to record onto dvd and hard drive.

  audeal 16:41 21 May 2007

Why not buy a Freeview box for 20 quid. Record from the box and watch tv from the TV

  JYM 10:13 22 May 2007

I have found a
Panasonic DMREX85EBS for £306. Seems very cheap!

It looks like the right machine with a 250 hard drive. It is from a shop that I haven't heard of so if I buy, I hope it gives 'good after sales service'.

  JYM 09:36 15 Jun 2007

I am finding reading the below thread pretty informative and so I will close mine and ask questions through that one.


Freeview DVD Recorder Which one? How to set up?

Forums > Digital World Search forum:

  johnnyrocker 09:41 15 Jun 2007

i think that to get round the issue you will need a recorder with 'smart link' then no need for seperate freeview.?


  Stuartli 12:39 15 Jun 2007

Until last week, Argos was selling a Funai DVD recorder (to disks and/or 160GB HDD and/or VCR) for about £250.

It's gone off its website now (the model is also rebadged by Toshiba under its own name), but a couple for sale here at £155 plus £8 delivery:

click here

You could buy a good quality Freeview set top box (it would be the first piece of equipment in the setup) for about £50 to £60 and still be a lot better off than the Argos price...:-)

Providing it has an RF through output, by feeding the TV aerial input through the STB first, then the DVD recorder and then to the TV, you will/should still be able to watch a different Freeview programme on your TV.

This is the cheapest price I've seen for the Funai - next lowest is £129.

  Stuartli 12:40 15 Jun 2007

The price of the Funai at the link provided is £115 (NOT £155)...:-)

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