Freeview... The Switchover.

  blocker11 08:36 21 Nov 2007

I know this is a PC helproom but you guys are very good so i thought i'd asked your help about Digital TV.

I bought an LG TV (with Freeview) January this year, and after plugging in my current (analogue)ariel the freeview worked ok (a bit jumpy) but recently i have lost all signal and all my freeview channels. The TV is telling me that my Digital TV is not programmed. I can still pick up analogue programs and Sky through AV.

I spoke to LG and they have told me i need a digital ariel and "some" Card???? (not sure what he was on about)

Is this correct??

I think i was being naive and thought Freeview would work off the Analogue ariel if the signal was good enough?

Any help would be greatly appreicated.



  johnnyrocker 08:44 21 Nov 2007

sounds like freeview needs retuning, you werre correct in your belief about a good enough signal, sky will be via a dish as opposed to aerial.

i wold first try retune freeview.


  blocker11 08:46 21 Nov 2007

Tried re-tuning Freeview, but did not pick up any channels!

  johnnyrocker 08:48 21 Nov 2007

has your aerial situation changed in any way like local building etc?


  xania 08:49 21 Nov 2007

Unless you have an old aerial, it should be adequate for the task.

click here

especially the question

'I can’t currently get Freeview. Does this mean that I will lose my TV after switchover?'

  blocker11 08:53 21 Nov 2007

so it is as i thought, Freeview should work without a Digital Aerial and without this "card" and i will not need to buy any further aerials or equipment?

  johnnyrocker 09:05 21 Nov 2007

your problem would appear to be in the tv as it worked in the first place and now does not, do you have access to a freeview box to check?


  blocker11 09:08 21 Nov 2007

i live with my inlaws, who have 2 freeview TV's upstairs, but both work ok. Could it be that there are 5 TV's off the same Aerial?

we do have a 2nd aerial which only has 1 TV on it would i be better off trying to connect to this aerial?

Sorry about this.. but i thought i was clued up with this but evidently not!

  johnnyrocker 09:10 21 Nov 2007

you may be better off, it depends how the aerial sytem is hooked up, as a test try your tv on their aerial if ok you have an aerial prob, if it dont work you have a tv prob.


  blocker11 11:14 21 Nov 2007

Think i will try it on the 2nd aerial first and hopefully that will correct it.

  johnnyrocker 11:24 21 Nov 2007

the point was ,if their freeview works then yours should also, if yours does then it is aerial.


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