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  spuds 12:39 05 May 2004

Appologies for this non-computer query. I am in the market for a Freeview receiver, but I am a little doubtful as to a not to expensive 'best buy'.Visited Argos and Curry's, but still confused, as to what to buy.

My ariel system as a booster device, which picks up many broadcasting 'out of area' stations. But I have been told that I need the 'new type' ariel.

I have used click here for as much information as I can obtain, but further help and guidance will be very welcome, before I go into the unknown.Nothing like personal experiences and recommendations to solve a problem.

  byfordr 12:43 05 May 2004

Go for one with 2 scarts. Makes life easier with the VCR. click here or click here are normally pretty good. One of the price comparision sites Kelkoo I think (or could be pricerunner) has some reviews.


  johnnyrocker 12:44 05 May 2004

idepending on where you live you may not require new aerial (very few people do) unlike ch 5 which is a different issue, make sure you buy a box with rf out and not just an aerial loop through, furthermore you have nothing to lose from buying from a retailer who has a good returns policy in the event of it not working.


  ThePharcyde007 13:09 05 May 2004

I live in London, and use a cheap £5.99 arial linked to two probs here

  Tog 13:11 05 May 2004

Every darned house I have moved to over the past 6 years has not been in a freeview area. That said, have a look here.

click here

And if you want an alternative supplier for a box try here

click here

  spuds 13:13 05 May 2004

Thank guys.

Since Sky News moved from Astra and Channel 5 moved from my system, I want to re-receive these stations, and thought Freeview would be the best way.

Checking Argos and Curry's, it would seem as though their returns policy doesn't cover Freeview products unless faulty. Possible because of to many 'trial' purchases in the past.

  Mike D 15:39 05 May 2004

I live in what is officially a non-Freeview area, but I could get reasonable pictures on a 10-years old aerial, but only on a limited range of stations. I took the plunge and invested in new digital aerial (looks like something out of Star Wars), reception now incredible on Freeview and normal, especially C5.


  Stuartli 15:47 05 May 2004

I have the very rare Pioneer T210GB ITVDigital box which is a very classy set top box indeed.

When Pioneer brought out only its second UK model, this time a Freeview version, the DTR-TF1000GB, last year I got one for my son as a Christmas present - he's equally as delighted. It even has a screen saver to protect older sets from screen burn. See:

click here

This is what my T210GB set top box looks like:

click here

It would not look out of place in an expensive hi-fi separates layout.

  SEASHANTY 15:56 05 May 2004

Aerial signal boosters can make an appreciable difference to the Freeview signal. I am told the area I am in can only receive BBC channels. However, using the normal 11 element aerial with four signal boosters, 2 near the aerial entry to the property and two more boosters just before the
connection to the TV I am picking up 54 freeview channels (this includes the DAB radio channels).
Not bad going considering what the Freeview website tells me. Have several Freeview boxes. The best cheapest ones being the SAGEM (made in France) £50 from branches of TJ Hughes and they were the same price on Amazon last time I checked. Twin Scart and recommended for low signal areas. No RF modulator though - just loop thru. If you have a decent TV with at least two scart sockets you will not need the RF modulator. Sagem boxes also have the electronic programme guide and 16:9
setup as well as 4:3 and pan and scan.

  Quilljar 16:08 05 May 2004

I have two Freeview sets. One Grundig and the other Ferguson. Both were cheap and both work fine in this area which is an official reception area. I use a twelve year old aerial with no problems. Go for it!
BTW one is connected to my Win TV card on the computer, and reception is fabulous, easy to record onto disc too.

  MIke 16:26 05 May 2004

A couple of sites that might be of use the forums at click here

A site to check over air download schedules for new software click here

Check the type of aerial you need depending on which transmitter you receive from click here

And postcode checker here click here

Personally I have a Sony STB which supports the planned 7 day epg (electronic programme guide) not all STB's support that feature. It's a great little box, though not the cheapest.

There is also something recently launched called Top Up TV, which is subscription you need to have an Old ITV Digital box to get those channels as the signal is encrypted and yopu need a card slot . Details here click here

Hope it helps


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