Freeview problems

  Pineman100 14:00 07 Jul 2011

A couple of nights ago I was watching Dave on Freeview. The picture slowly got worse and worse over the space of a few minutes - breaking up, freezing and pixellating until it disappeared altogether, to be replaced by a notice saying "No Signal". I channel-hopped up and down, and discovered that well over half the Freeview channels had the same problem. I've no idea how long this lasted, because I went to bed.

This has happened occasionally in the past. Can anyone please tell me whether it was a fault in my (very cheap) Freeview box, or whether it was a transmission problem?

  lotvic 14:09 07 Jul 2011

Not your fault, it's because the signal from the mast transmitter has not been turned up to full strength yet. They will turn it up to full when Analogue signal gets switched off.

In the meantime the weather affects the current weaker signal. Mine also loses the signal now and then.

  Pineman100 14:29 07 Jul 2011

OK, thanks very much lotvic. I think our digital switchover date is November this year, so I guess I'll just have to be patient until then.

Thanks again for your advice.

  mrwoowoo 19:34 07 Jul 2011

I would guess that you have a loose connection since the signal is usually ok. I had this from time to time and moved the aerial lead, as they are usually don't give a good connection into the aerial socket. I ended up looping it over the top of the freeview box so that the pressure on the lead where it plugs into the socket gave a good connection. Next time it happens, have a fiddle with the lead, and if not try the scart lead as well to make sure it's firmly in place.

  ton 19:50 07 Jul 2011

Heavy rain is usually the cause.

  woodchip 20:34 07 Jul 2011

I would say you have a problem with the Coax Cable from TV to Ariel

  woodchip 20:35 07 Jul 2011

PS If it was Raining it may have got into cable or connection

  Pineman100 13:01 08 Jul 2011

OK, thanks everyone. I'll certainly check out the coax aerial cable, and its connection to the Freeview box.

I'm grateful for your advice.

  Terry Brown 14:38 08 Jul 2011

If you often have a problem with signal strength, and you have checked your cables (as suggested), it may be worth getting a Signal booster box to get a better picture / sound.

These links may help.

Link 2 gives an idea of prices ,or you could try" target="_blank">">link text link" target="_blank">">link text

  Pineman100 17:30 08 Jul 2011

Thanks, Terry. I'll probably wait until the digital signal is cranked up and then see how I get on. But I'll certainly keep the idea in mind.

  robin_x 19:50 08 Jul 2011

I have one of these

It is connected to the (unboosted) roof aerial in the living room and then feeds a 4:1 booster (same manufacturer SLx or Technika) which then goes off to other rooms.

I need two because I live in a dip.

B&Q also do same one but more expensive.

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