Freeview Box problem

  BT 08:44 29 Mar 2008

I have a problem that seems to be on going with Freeview Boxes.

I have 3 Freeview boxes bought at different times over a few years, a Hauppage, a Phillips and a Wharfedale HDD/DVD with integrated Freeview. They all seem to suffer the same problem in that they crash/lock up probably about once a week, usually when they are on standby or overnight.
This is not too much of a problem with the stand alone boxes but if the HDD/DVD recorder freezes any recording programmed just doesn't happen.
The problem is easily remedied by switching the power off and on, which resets the box.

Is this a common problem with these boxes? Any ideas would be appreciated.

  pchelper001 08:59 29 Mar 2008

how strong is the signal you normally get through them? is it a digital enabled area? Sometimes these boxes muck up when trying to update/or find the epg in a weak signal area.

  BT 09:19 29 Mar 2008

The signal usually shows as excellent although there have been occasions when it shows as poor.(We live in Norwich and get our signal from Tacolnston).I do not have a wideband aerial just a normal one but with an amplifier. Could this be the problem?
Although when I lived in London just a few miles from Crystal Palace our main problem was too strong a signal and had to use attenuators and had the same problem.

  lofty29 09:20 29 Mar 2008

I have found that certainly with stand alone boxe they have a tendency to overheat if not switched off periodicly, Unless I need to leave mine on they get switched of every night, have not had any trouble since.

  pchelper001 09:47 29 Mar 2008

haha we use to live near crystal palace as well! it could be too strong a signal going into the box...the amplifier may be working a bit to well!

lofty29 - in experience, turning off freeview boxes (or for me maybe) it always ends up with them being dead in the morning..

  pchelper001 09:52 29 Mar 2008

btw. it could be the amplifier failing and sending to much signal into the boxes. We had this case a year or so ago.

  lofty29 11:44 29 Mar 2008

never had that problem with freeview boxes,3 of them sometimes left off for several days if away, only with dvd recorder which does not have a backup battery so has to be left on standby

  pchelper001 12:32 29 Mar 2008

thanks just seems to be me being unlucky then!

  eedcam 13:05 29 Mar 2008

Restrong signal have you daisy chained them from the aerial as each could be boosting the signal

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:07 29 Mar 2008

Find they lock up when left on the BBC channnels for some reason.

If I leave my PVR on FiveUS it never seems to give a problem.

  pchelper001 14:24 29 Mar 2008

once again...i think that there is too much power going on channel 59...which is bbc on freeview. are you using a booster?

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