'Freeview' aerial interfering with cordless mouse-

  Gherkin 18:51 06 Oct 2006

I have recently installed 'Freeview' TV on my PC. The aerial interfers with the working of my cordless mouse & keyboard, causing mouse to act erracticly & keys not respond. Would removing the USB cable to aerial whilst not in use solve this problem? I was worried in case the PC wouldn't recognise the cable again once I had reconnected it & would cause probs or ask for reinstallation etc.

  octal 19:15 06 Oct 2006

It shouldn't cause a problem removing the USB cable, it should pick the antenna up again when its plugged in next time. My question would be why is it interfering in the first place? What is the Freeview, Is it a card or a standalone unit? Can you give the make of the Freeview unit?

It sounds like the USB cable is radiating some electronic crap which is being picked up by the mouse/keyboard. If set-up isn't CE compliant this might be the problem.

  Gherkin 19:21 06 Oct 2006

The 'Freeview' is a 'Freecom'DVB-T & Analogue receiver USB stick. Could it be the aerial & radio receiver for cordless keyboard/mouse are at the same freqency?

  octal 20:44 06 Oct 2006

Is this the one? click here

I doubt if if the frequency has anything to do with it because Freeview works in the 800 - 900MHz band and if the keyboard/Mouse combination are bluetooth they operate on 2500MHz so there is a large separation between the two bands.

Its more likely the electronic hash being chucked out by the Freeview stick. Don't forget it's a receiver, so it shouldn't radiate anything, but they contain a lot of electronics which will create hash.

Some computers have USB ports both back and front, is it possible to put one of the sticks, like the Freeeview one, in the back and the keyboard/mouse on in the front? That will separate them and reduce the interference.

  Jackcoms 20:45 06 Oct 2006

Wouldn't it be simpler to replaced the wireless mouse/keyboard with a wired variety? They're cheap enough.

  Technotiger 20:45 06 Oct 2006

Hi, I also have the Freecom DTV usb stick - it has not interferred with my cordless joystick, nor with my cordless mouse. I don't use the aerial supplied with the stick though, instead I have it connected (with a Y piece) to my main TV aerial. Works a treat.


  Gherkin 21:01 06 Oct 2006

Octal - yes, thats the one. USB cables are in different places the keyboard/mouse USB at back of tower & Freeview USB at front in a USB hub. I'm not really concerned what is causing the interfence, I'm more interested in whether the prob will be solved by removing the aerial whilst not in use? It is definitely the aerial causing it, as I've uninstalled the freeview before now & the keyboard/mouse probs only happen when it is installed.My main question is whether I would encounter probs if I remove the freeview USB when not in use & connect it again when I want to watch TV???????? Any advice very welcome & appreciated.

  woodchip 21:03 06 Oct 2006

You sure the batteries not flat in the above Hardware

  woodchip 21:03 06 Oct 2006

Just asking as I had the same problem with Cordless

  Gherkin 21:04 06 Oct 2006

Cordless Keyboard & mouse are new. Can't go back to wired however cheap. I like the new, shiney one too much!!!

  Gherkin 21:05 06 Oct 2006

batteries new & keyboard & mouse gives message when batteries low. There's battery indicator on both.

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