kingslater 17:03 11 Mar 2004

Hi people,
i have a freeview box with a aerial in and aerial out sockets i have linked the aerial out to my TV Tuner card but it will only pick channels 1 to 5 up is there anyway i can pick the rest up through the box?

  alnwrd 18:32 11 Mar 2004

If you simply link rf in and rf out to your tv card, you are bypassing the freeview tuner and are only picking up terrestial channels 1-5 from your tv card. To pick up the freeview channels you must use the scart out or video and sound phono out sockets on the back of the freeview receiver.

  Audeal 19:00 11 Mar 2004

I have got Freeview connected to a video recorder and outputs the signal to my capture card. It will receive all the stations with no problems.

Unless you have a S-vhs vcr then you will need to use the composite in/out connections.

  kingslater 18:28 28 Mar 2004

is there any other way in getting the signal other than a vcr and getting a new capture card

  SEASHANTY 20:14 28 Mar 2004

You need a freeview digital PCI card. Similar to the Avermedia tuner card. Or a USB one. Hauppauge also make them
click here

  kingslater 20:36 28 Mar 2004

that means i will have to get a new tuner card

  SEASHANTY 20:52 28 Mar 2004

If you want the Freeview channels I guess you will need a new card. Virtually all the PC's sold in the UK with TV tuner cards have just the UHF tuner for
Channels 21 to 60 which means you will only get the five basic channels.

  kingslater 21:25 28 Mar 2004

audeal what was the setup through ur VCR?

  Pauper 22:53 28 Mar 2004

Do you have a scart output from the freeview box ? If yes then you can get a scart to co-ax converter which will then plug into your card,

  kingslater 23:20 28 Mar 2004

will this work click here

do you think? the scart kit

  SEASHANTY 14:13 29 Mar 2004

That scart lead in the adaptor set available at £5-99 from Aldi this coming Thurdsay is quite a good buy and will no doubt sell well and fairly quickly I should think. You can only connect the Freeview input to your PC if you have a VIDEO IN capture card or you have a VIVO graphics card. That's Video In Video Out. If you have one of the Aldi Medion PC's or similar you should have S-video, Composite Video and Audio sockets input sockets on the front of the PC. That front array is marked A/V Input on my Medion PC which is now two years old. That should allow you to input the Freeview TV signal provided you have a scart converter giving SCART to S-VHS +
2 Audio connections or SCART to Composite Video + 2
Audio connections. I cannot see the detail in the
picture on the Aldi website you link to but I assume
that it will include one of these arrangements.

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