Freeserve Wanadoo

  Carafaraday 12:16 30 Apr 2004

Anyone else having problems with the Anytime service? For the past two weeks all my downloads are horrendously slow - took half an hour to download 1 mg yesterday evening. Frequently takes 10 attempts to dial-up first thing in the morning and the latest thing is refusing to accept my password to access emails (if I wait and try again 10 minutes later it's ok). Is this a cynical attempt to drive us all to broadband?

  ventanas 12:22 30 Apr 2004

Don't know about anytime, but I'm on what they now call Pay as you go at home, and have no problems.

  mammak 12:41 30 Apr 2004

Freeserve Anytime no problems at all this side'
dail up only takes about 40 seconds'
If it is cynical attempt to drive us to Broadband they will have a long wait as it is not available in my aera and wont be for some time. Regards Mammak.

  Old Shep 13:42 30 Apr 2004

I'm on anytime and (touch wood) do not have any problems. Same as mammak takes less than 40 seconds first time everytime. Again hell will freeze over before I get broadband in my area.

  Carafaraday 14:27 30 Apr 2004

WAny ideas why I could be having problems if it's not Freeserve/Wanadoo at fault? half an hour to download 1 mg is unbearable. Have defragged - viruscan is up to date, have run Adaware - any other suggestions?

  Carafaraday 17:24 27 Nov 2004

Just in case anyone comes on this posting later..the problem seemed to be caused by a huge amount of malware which Adaware sorted out for me. I thought I was covered by having uptodate AV running, but you live and learn!

  palinka 14:54 28 Nov 2004

It may be that your phone line is causing the problem, not Freeserve. have you checked your connection speed? Righht click the connection icon near the clock, then click status.

  Carafaraday 09:26 29 Nov 2004

Thanks, palinka, for your suggestion. The connection seems ok and all is well again today.

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