Freeserve speed

  brimarie 16:19 14 Oct 2003

I am on Freeserve Anytime which used to open on 44/45Kbps now opens on a speed of 33.6Kbps. 25% down, is it a ploy to drive people to broadband?

  Djohn 17:07 14 Oct 2003

I wouldn't think so, but realise that you may feel this way! Have you made any changes at all to your setup, new programs, updates or any changes to the modem settings or even the way it's actually connected. [New cable] or anything you can think of.

If you can post back with any information that may help, even if you think it's not directly connected with the modem. Someone just might be able to pick up on what is causing the drop in speed. j.

  Skeletor 23:44 14 Oct 2003

Hi brimarie,
Have you recently connected a new Answer Machine, Fax or something similar to your phone line? When I first started using the internet I would normally get a speed of about 33.6 Kbps. I lived with that for a while (thought that was as good as it got). Then one day I happened to unplug my phone/answer machine and fax before connecting, when I did connect...lo and behold, 46 Kbps. Try unplugging all other devices before connecting, it might help.

  brimarie 06:55 15 Oct 2003

Sorry to have taken so long, no changes of any kind, but the day before drop in speed I had difficulty accessing Freeserve. Message said "having difficulty connecting you, try again later" I put this down to Freeserve being busy, but now due to the drop in speed I'm beginning to wonder

  roygbiv 08:54 15 Oct 2003

Perhaps your line, has had A DACS put on it, by BT (to share the line with someone else, to save them digging up and laying more cables). Ask BT (ring 150, faults) to see if the line can be checked and to see if it has a DACS (information they dont like giving out). I had a DACS on my line and it cut the connection speed down a fair bit and made the connection very unreliable. Alan.

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