freeserve homepage not there even tho connected

  blackmischief 01:08 21 Feb 2004

I have xp and am
using opera and freeserve ,using aol but leaving
aol soon.
I dial up by using the network connections button on start bar because the shortcut wont work
then opera comes up but the freeserve homepage wont unless i type in the address in opera but if I try to log in to freeserve nothing happens.

The freeserve properties box says im connected
and i am cos opera works but why cant I see the homepage?

Will this all stop when my aol membership is terminated on monday,and after Ive uninstalled the aol software?Should I uninstall aol right now to end these problems?

  Djohn 01:15 21 Feb 2004

Are you logging on through your AOL dial-up or through Freeserve?

  blackmischief 01:49 21 Feb 2004

i use freeserve to dial up (aol locked me out due to a now resolved account problem-so I joined freeserve just to get online again and it was so fast i decided to stay with them and leave aol which i will be doing on monday when my free time runs out.)
I have fiddled with the network connections settings to configure for two ISPs.
I keep getting error messages"internet ex. has encountered a problem and needs to close etc etc

i am using this aol dial up just to get help from pcadvisor before my freetime runs out

  Djohn 02:01 21 Feb 2004

I'm not familiar with Opera as a browser but would think it's similar to IE in the sense that you will need to go into tools/internet settings and set freeserve as your home page.

Once this is done, the freeserve page should show in your browser automatically when you log on. If you go to this link and look to the bottom left of the page you will see a message window that says.

"Make freeserve your home page"

Try logging off AOL and log back on with freeserve open your browser. [Opera] Type in the address of freeserve as follows but without the spaces.

www. freeserve. co . uk

This will take you to the main page and you will see the "Homepage" message there. Give this a try and post back to this thread if it still doesn't work. j.

  Djohn 02:03 21 Feb 2004

click here and look to the bottom left of page. j.

  Djohn 02:29 21 Feb 2004

I've placed your mail back in the forum so that others can see it as well. When people see what has been tried they can offer further advice. If you keep all your replies to this thread, I'm sure we will have you sorted before your AOL contract ends.

Regards. j.


I use the freeserve dial up(but right now im using the AOL dial up to get your advice since i installed freeserve i have had problems . i thought it was possible to have dial ups for two isp s . I will be leaving aol soon and have heard my problems might end when i get rid of aol software. at the moment the freeserve homepage wont appear even tho im definately connected to freeserve.opera works ok. And Aol works fine( except for pop ups that have arrived since they reconnected me again.) can you give advice on what to try to fix this I have tried changing my network conn.settings but am unsure what im doing.

  Djohn 02:43 21 Feb 2004

Yes, you can have two or more ISP's at the same time and this will not cause a problem if set up correctly.

Do you have the "Freeserve" CD to configure your ISP settings? If not, then it would be better to pop into one of the shops tomorrow and pick one up as this will do all the work for you. If you want to do it without the CD then one of the forum members will talk you through the settings.

When you want to remove AOL, go to your control panel add/remove programs and delete from there. After doing this start a search of your C: drive for AOL, it will bring up other files and folders, delete all that you can, some wont allow you to and will stay on your system but you will never see them and they will not interfere with the running of Freeserve.

From what I can read in your post it seems that you have not correctly configured Freeserve and this is why you are seeing the error messages.

If you decide to configure Freeserve yourself,[Without the CD] let us know and I or another forum member will talk you through the procedure. j.

  blackmischief 02:46 21 Feb 2004

I tried that,i clicked on make F.S your homepage but nothing happened??

  Djohn 02:49 21 Feb 2004

OK, then please read my post above at 02:43 and reply to this with as much information as you can. j.

  Djohn 03:07 21 Feb 2004

But don't worry someone will pick up on this thread and guide you through the settings. Keep AOL on your system until you have configured Freeserve, then remove.

All the details for correct connection and configuring your ISP are available from the homepage. If anyone needs them to help you, they can be read from the help section at click here Again don't worry about this, you will be up and running before the end of Saturday.

Regards. j.

  blackmischief 03:11 21 Feb 2004

thanks for your help I will try and get a cd ,and/or Ill talk to you and the forum people tomorrow.

where do i get the cd from ?(not as stupid a question as it seems)
and i realise i can call the tech support guys @freeserve but It would be v.expensive.

should i post another thread tomorrow or just add to this one tomorrow?

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