Freeserve email on Talktalk

  mowthecat 10:01 14 Sep 2006

How can I receive email from my old Freeserve account via Talktalk broadband? I can happily send and receive Talktalk mail but can only receive Freeserve mail, not send. Talktalk help lists this as a problem but says contact the ISP!


  Fingees 14:03 14 Sep 2006

You ask how you can receive email from freeserve, then go on to say you can receive it.

As you presumably have closed your account, you can only receive, not send.

you can of course use a dial up modem and try pay as you go with them. I do this with another ISP and it keeps my email accounts going for less than 10p per month.
Remember to make your freeserve mail server your default if you try to send, otherwise it will try to go through Talk Talk

Just a suggestion.

  mowthecat 19:15 14 Sep 2006

Sorry for the confusion - yes, I can't send emails. No, I haven't closed the account (it was only dial-up) and it works fine via webmail. Going back to dial-up seems a backward step to me and no doubt eventually I will use unly the Talktalk one in the future! There must be an easier way around this?

  Jackcoms 19:23 14 Sep 2006

"yes, I can't send emails"

I'm still confused.

Would you care to start your question all over again?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:37 14 Sep 2006

servers tab
outgoing =

advanced tab

outgoing mail (smtp) 25
all boxes unticked

  mowthecat 08:07 15 Sep 2006

Since going over to TalkTalk broadband last month, I can send and receive Talktalk email OK but I cannot send from my Freeserve account, only receive. The Freeserve account on webmail works fine (it is Pay as you go) and the account is still valid. The server is and under Advanced, the outgoing mail (smtp) is set to 25 and all other boxes are unticked.

Sorry for the confusion, just back from a long holiday!

  VoG II 08:28 15 Sep 2006

You won't be able to send from your Freeserve e-mail account via TalkTalk. You need to enter your TalkTalk details in the smtp box.

  mowthecat 08:33 15 Sep 2006

Thanks, I'll try it later when I get home.

  Devil Fish 08:38 15 Sep 2006

to send freeserve you will need to connect to freeserve you may also find after a while if you are not logging onto freeserve they may discontinue your email account completely

  mowthecat 08:42 15 Sep 2006

Perhaps I should regularly log on via webmail once a month to keep it valid until my Talktalk email address becomes more well known?

  steven_frost 10:52 15 Sep 2006

you can still send email from your freeserve account my friend does this all the time all you need to do is change the smtp email setting so they are the talktalk ones not the freeserve ones this will work i think the talktalk settings are job done

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