THOMASIO 23:04 02 Mar 2004

Is anyone experiencing problems with freeserve
e-mail at present ? I am receiving a lot of mail delivery failure messages !

  Jester2K 23:16 02 Mar 2004

Messages YOU sent or advising about a virus in a message you didn't send?

  THOMASIO 23:23 02 Mar 2004

I dont understand jester could you explain

  deke 23:53 02 Mar 2004

fsmail has been very patchy, In fact freeserve is getting really slow

I have been with freeserve for 2 years and this is the slowest its ever been

Time for a change i think!!


  THOMASIO 00:00 03 Mar 2004

Thanks deke Looks as though you are having probs as well. E-mails I send to myself for test can take 30 mins to arrive if ever or I get the mail delivery failure message. Iwonder is anyone else experiencing the same problem.

  ventanas 08:28 03 Mar 2004

Got my Freeserve mail at home last night, no problems, none with connection speed either. (probably kiss of death for tonight)

From Jester's question, are you having failures on mail you have actually sent, or do these messages relate to mail you no nothing about.

The distiction is important.

  THOMASIO 09:38 03 Mar 2004

Thank you venetas. As a test I send them to myself, it is hit and miss some are delivered immediately others in an hour,and sometimes I get an e-mail that they could not be delivered.

I've been having similar problems to you for the last few days.

Could it be down to the "improvements" that they are making to their email service? These were advertised on the logon screen up until a few days ago.

I get undeliverable messages, emails that don't arrive for 30+ minutes, and OE saying that it hasn't been able to contact the mail server in the required time.

  ventanas 10:53 03 Mar 2004

OK thanks. I'll try a test again tonight and see what happens. I use Outlook, not OE, but don't see why that should make any difference.

  THOMASIO 11:17 03 Mar 2004

Thank you GoldenEagle, I hope this is the case I have never had any problems up until now. Thank you ventanas, appreciate your time.

  palinka 15:36 03 Mar 2004

I've used Freeserve for 3 or 4 years, occasional blips in the early years, but no problems now.

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