Freeserve Broadband

  lindyloo4 18:15 27 Apr 2003

I am considering Freeserve broadband.I'm on Anytime at the moment. I have searched previous threads on this subject and extension cables, sockets and Sky Digital are all mentioned.
At present I run a 20 foot extension cable to the computer from a socket with a double adapter for the telephone. There is also a Sky Digital socket which is an extension from this one and only socket I have in the house.
Can anyone see this as a problem? How easy is it to self install?

  Schedules 20:09 27 Apr 2003

I have one BT socket and a network of four extension phones in different rooms. I connected to Freeserve broadband almost a year ago and have had no problems at all.
Don't forget to buy microfilters for ALL of your extensions and make sure that the connections are secure.

  tbh72 03:27 28 Apr 2003

I have been with freeserve BB for a year also, I would recommend them highly...... & now for even better news, they've got a promotion on right now.

Are you sitting down, then I shall begin.

Sign up & pay 27.99 per month, that's it. Modem & Connection are free.

Here's the link.

click here

  lindyloo4 17:42 28 Apr 2003

Thanks. It is the offer they have on now that has prompted me to think about it more seriously.
Think I'll be ok with my one socket but how easy is it to set up?

Sorry for the delay in replying there's that awful thing called work.

  tbh72 03:20 29 Apr 2003

Well....... It was twelve month's ago that I set it up, But if memory serves me correct you simply pop in the CD, installing drivers etc, then connect the FILTERS & also the FROG, sorry modem to the USB port.

One word of warning about this offer they have on at the moment. If or when you cancel they would expect you to return the modem & filters they supply you with.

  lindyloo4 06:54 29 Apr 2003

Thank you. Sounds as though I should be able to do it. :-))

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