Freeserve Broadband

  jabg 12:49 23 Mar 2003

I recently joined freeserve broadband and everythings seems to be installed ok. I have the two green lights and i can connect. However recently, the connecton seems to stall and i have to log off and back on to get it working again.This either regularly happens or it is fine. have contacted freeserve help and they seemed to know very little (and thats giving credit to them). Can anyone help?

  powerless 14:34 23 Mar 2003

Clear your internet TEMP files > Tools > Internet Options... > Delete Files... > Click "ok"

Then go start > Control panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager > Any Exclamation Marks? This is for XP


Then go start > Control panel > System > Device Manager > Any Exclamation Marks? This is for 98

I do not think there will be anything.

Could you describe by what you mean "stall"? Whats happening?

  jabg 14:50 23 Mar 2003

It just stops responding after about 10 minutes on line, but i remain connected to the network. I have tried the ping command that the helpdesk told me about but when its not working there is no ping response to any web address i have tried as well as my e-mail. The fault comes and goes, and sometimes it works really well. Thats whats confusing me, because if it was my settings wouldnt it just not work. The only exclamation mark is for my old modem which i havent yet removed. Could this be it?

  powerless 14:57 23 Mar 2003

To rule it out i would remove it as it *might* be the problem.

I would say get back onto Freeserve and get them to check the line through BT. If your pinging and your not getting a response it would indicate a problem.

What operating system are you using?

  jabg 15:36 23 Mar 2003

Windows XP and Ill remove my old modem. Freeserve said they are going to contact BT

  powerless 16:07 23 Mar 2003

Are you using a firewall or Antivirus?

If so, stop them starting at startup. Go into the program to do this.

Also stop any other programs from starting via MSCONFIG...

Start > Run > Type:


Click "ok"

Then click on the "Startup" tab and remove the ticks...

This is to see if a program is causing the problem. If it stilll stalls then its not these programs. If it does stall put a tick back in one at a time and you'll find the program causing the stall.

Also go to Start > Run > Copy and paste:


Click "ok"

Look at the application and system logs for ERRORS or Application hangs click these and within that log will be a link to the MS website where a description of the problem and a possible fix maybe waiting.

  jabg 16:41 23 Mar 2003

Everything seems in order. When i say it 'stalls' i mean i cant access any internet related stuff. The computer itself works fine. At the moment the isp is wrking fine, but who to say itll remain that way.

  powerless 16:45 23 Mar 2003

I see...

I know what you mean now, i had this as i'm with Freeserve Broadband as well.

You connect but you can do nothing. It was problem at there end and was sorted within a few hours.

  jabg 16:54 23 Mar 2003

Thanks at least someone can understand the issues. Freeserve customer relations are very bad and it nice to speak to someone who knows what they are talking about

  jabg 19:53 23 Mar 2003

the problem seems to happen predominately in the evening and over the weekend. Do you think this is the ISp or a BT problem. You said it resolved itself, did it come back?

  powerless 20:11 23 Mar 2003

No it just happend the one time.

ISP or BT.

I have no idea, sorry.

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