Freeserve AnyTime Lock-ups

  doug 06:58 23 Feb 2003

I am running Win98SE with IE8 ad use Freeserve AnyTime. I am getting random lockups, in that when I am on-line I seem to freeze. Clicking on the refresh button results in a flicker of the communications button in Sys Tray but the display defaults to an earlier display. Yet if I cancel the application I am asked if I want to disconnect. This happens mostly in the evenings, so is it net activity or does Freeserve do this automatically? There does not appear to be a particular pattern or time limit except for, possibly, the time of day. Thanks, in advance as usual.

  doug 07:00 23 Feb 2003

Searching the Archive gave some mentions of time of day back in Sept/Oct 2001.

  powerless 07:02 23 Feb 2003

IE8 eh?

Go to The contol Panel > Add/Remove Programs > Select Internet Explorer > Then "click on the "Add/Remove" > Now choose the repair option.

This solves most problems.

  doug 07:06 23 Feb 2003

Forgot about that. Tnx will give it a go. Leaving box unticked for a while.

  MichelleC 08:44 23 Feb 2003

Also, another thing is Freeserve cut u off every 2 hrs; or u can change your dialup number to speed things up. look on help pages.

  weedode 09:12 23 Feb 2003

I am running Win 98SE with IE6 using FS anytime and have been having the same problems over the past 4 days ( at various times throughout the day ) I thought it was my 56kps modem but I put it down to how busy the net was ( sometimes I could get a 1/2 hour without problems )

  doug 10:25 23 Feb 2003

Couldn't understand the ature of the cut off. Although I only appear to access the last page stored in memory I cannot refresh. If I close IE I still appear to have a connection, hence the window which asks if I still want to remain conected. You indicate that there might be a work around in the help. Whch help is that? Obliged for your time.

  MichelleC 10:05 24 Feb 2003

This is why I got irritated with FS; if your connection slows up you have to change your dialup number - i think there's about 3, depending on area - which speeds things up. the speed is dependant on how many users are on servers, so by changing number you can use server which is not so busy. You have to search for the best number for you.

BTW if it's hanging (IE8?)try repairing (eventhough this option is near useless).

  sirhc 18:29 25 Feb 2003

i run 98se with ie5.
last night could get on with outlook express
e-mailing ok,but explorer kept coming up
server not found,i think freeserve are trying
to get us to sign for one of ther other packages.
this has not happened for months???

  Bingalau 23:08 25 Feb 2003

About two months ago I went through a "Dummy Run" of buying the new Freeserve Broadband and everything went according to plan. No snags. All I had to do was click on "Purchase" or something and it was mine for the cost of installation etc. As I could not afford it at the time, I aborted it and forgot until recently. Then out of the blue came an offer of everthing free except for the monthly payments.
So I phoned the number to purchase it. Everything was in order and I went ahead and committed myself to a twelve month contract..
Then this morning I got an "E" Mail telling me it is not available in my area.. This I can't understand as it was available when I did the "Dummy Run" and the girl on the phone checked it would be available and said "Yes". so I can't understand why it has suddenly changed unless it's a swiz of some kind.. So beware!

Ive sent an "E" asking for clarification and got no reply at all..

  Audeal 23:55 25 Feb 2003

doug. As MichelleC has stated there are 3 dialup numbers which you can use. They are as follows:
08089916001 : 08089977001 : and 08089933006

I have an account set up for each of these numbers, the first being my default number and if I have trouble connecting to it then I just dial into the next one. If this should give trouble then I would use the third one. (Never had to yet.)

I have been using freeserve for over two years now and have never had any trouble from. I am transfering to Broad Band next week and I do not expect any problems from this changeover.

Ever since I replaced my Mother Board I have not had any problems of being cut off, apart from the two hour limit. So It is a possibility that your problem could be a heardware problem.

My sister is having the same trouble as you are and I have a spare MoBo so I am going to put it into her computer to try to solve the problem.

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