Freeserve Anytime?

  pj123 10:21 26 Mar 2003

Does anyone know the pop addresses for incoming and outgoing mail on Freeserve Anytime please?

I have someone who can surf the web for as long as they like but as soon as they try to read or send emails the carrier drops and have to dial back in again. But once again they drop the carrier if trying to read or send emails.

I am going to suggest they take Freeserve off and reinstall it.

Unless someone knows the answer??


  Belatucadrus 10:37 26 Mar 2003 for incoming for outgoing

  pj123 10:48 26 Mar 2003

Thank you for the info and quick response.

I will leave this open in case someone can come up with a solution that doesn't mean taking it off and reinstalling.


  watchful 11:00 26 Mar 2003

I set mine as above but the incoming one (Pop3) always changes back to Localhost. I don't know why this is but I have no problems with it so I leave it alone.

  watchful 11:03 26 Mar 2003

Just a thought - under the General tab in Accounts/Mail props - have they got the box ticked that says include this account when sending etc...?

  Jane doe 11:16 26 Mar 2003

We had exactly the same thing with Freeserve Anytime. We were told it happened if the lines were overloaed at the time emails were sent? After spending long time on help line and rechecking all our settings we finally 'cured' the problem by ditching Freesrve and going to AOL.

  beeuuem 12:21 26 Mar 2003

I am using Freeserve anytime at the moment and have never had this problem.

Is it possible that in OE >Tools>Options> Connection- the box 'hang up after sending and receiving is ticked'?

This would give the problem described

  pj123 13:16 26 Mar 2003

Thanks for all the answers Guys and Gals.

As this situation has to solved over the fone I will try them all and report back.

I especially like Jane Doe's answer. I have actually told the person who's problem this is to install a pay and go ISP and see if there is a problem there as well. How much is Freeserve Anytime? Is it comparable with AOL?

  pj123 13:39 26 Mar 2003

Thanks again Guys and Gals.

The problem was in OE Accounts. It appears that there was wrong settings.

Everything is now AOK and up and running.

Thanks for the help

Now ticked as resolved.


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