Freesat from Communal dish?

  lodger 10:52 24 Dec 2008

We have a communal Sky dish installed on the roof of our block, and each flat is wired up to receive Sky TV. Now, since I would never knowlingly pay money to watch Sky TV, I am simply using the dish to receive Freeview channels..I also have a rather old FTA box that receives BBC regional channels from the dish.......but can anyone please tell me if there any way that I can utilise the dish to receive the new fangled Freesat? For example, Argos sell Freesat receivers, would one of those work on a Sky dish? I have no access to the dish of course.

  dms_05 11:51 24 Dec 2008

Just go ahead and buy a Freesat box. It will work exactly the same as a Sky Digibox. You can use normal Standard Definition or the High Definition box (if your TV is HD). Of course you can also buy a second user Sky box without a card and receive all the FTA (free to air) programmes like BBC/ITV/C4 and so on. Lots of choices but they will all work. Enjoy!

  lodger 15:26 24 Dec 2008

that's all i needed to know...................:)

  Graham. 15:36 24 Dec 2008

Hold on! Not necessarily that straightforward, the Freesat box needs to signal the dish to receive the Freesat frequencies. It may be set to Sky.

  Stuartli 19:39 24 Dec 2008

How are you using a dish to receive Freeview?

Freeview uses a wideband terrestial aerial system to receive digital programmes.

  lodger 20:03 25 Dec 2008

update.............I've found out that 'freesat' has the same channels are 'freeview'....why on earth is this stuff called free?...there aint NO free TV in the UK!..ok ok where was i????????.so no need to get a 'freesat box..........ok pluging in my freeview box into the sky socket i get the freeview channels...........yawn..............anyway, the most useful box is my FTA digital satellite receiver, i get all the bbc regional on that, bbc wales etc, some great rugby, and programmes not shown on bbc 1........also, i get astra 1 on it, hundres of european channels and not a murdoch in concerts movies and some naughty stuff which i refuse to watch! maplins has a HD FTA receiverfor £49

  lodger 20:14 25 Dec 2008

is NOT from the sky dish :)..............ive got my own mini satellite dish for that. aimed at astra one at 19.2 is at astra 2..28 east thereabouts....all the bbc channels plus regions plus itv are on astra2 ..and i get those on the same satellite can i get 'freeview' from the sky socket?, well, this a block of flats, and its possible that as part of the deal with the landlord,sky were compelled to install an extra aerial for freeview along with their usual one .........

  Graham. 22:44 25 Dec 2008

Exit stage left.

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