Freecom +/-RW speed problems

  Koochy 16:24 04 Mar 2006

I have a Freecom_dvd+/-RW16h8 external burner which is capable of burning at 16x to a dvd-R but for some reason it will only burn at a maximum of 4x even though i am using 8x discs.
I have had a look around to see if i can find any firmware updates but no joy i have been into the device manger and it says that the device is working correctly.
I restored xp back to when i first installed xp to see if it is a conflict with a peice of software but still no joy any help will be greatfully received thanks.

Burning Software
Nero 6 reloaded.

  Koochy 09:32 06 Mar 2006


  GroupFC 09:51 06 Mar 2006

I am posting to this not because I have the answer but because I have a Freecom external burner and I too am having problems with burning! I am at work at present so don't have the exact model no. to hand.

Have you had a look here click here for any firmware updates? Have you tried contacting Freecom? (that's going to be my next step - if I don't get this sorted this week!).

  Koochy 12:44 06 Mar 2006

Thanks for that GroupFC i have had a look at your link but i can't find a firmware update but i have just been advised from a friend that it may be a conflict with the discs i am using so i have been out and bought a different make just to see if that makes any difference i will post back later to let you know if i have any joy

  GroupFC 13:09 06 Mar 2006

Last night I ordered four mixed packs of discs from click here. You if you go to pages 10 & 11 you will see that they do various mixed packs, so I am going to give them a go and see how I get on.

I am supicious of the disks I have been using (Tesco's own label), but was/am reluctant to fork out for a multipack of one particular brand, until I know the damn things work!

There was a useful posting fairly recently when somebody posted (Fruitbat?), the link I gave above, together with another one with some s/ware that checks the disc specifications. I can't find that posting now, but it is in my bookmarks at home, so I'll post back later.

Please post back here and let me know how you get on, I have loads of stuff to get onto DVD, and these problems are really beginnning to wind me up!

  GroupFC 13:19 06 Mar 2006

Of course, I have now been able to find it!

Have a read of Fruit Bat /\0/\'s posting about low quality media etc. at click here

  Koochy 16:57 06 Mar 2006

I have been out and bought Bulkpaq 8 X DVD-Rs this afternoon and just burnt off 12 copies of a friends wedding that i filmed 2 weeks ago.
All 12 copies went through at 8 x with not a coaster in sight i think i can safely say that a freecom burner likes Bulkpaq.
I was using Datawrite 8 x discs and although they did burn they would only go through at 4 x instead of 8 x
I hope this is of some use to you as i think that it was just a conflict with discs.

  Koochy 16:59 06 Mar 2006

I will leave this thread open for a few days just in case anybody else has anything to say or can recommend a different type of disc.

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