rotormota 10:28 24 Dec 2005


My PC went into a restart unannounced this morning & it turns out that my Freecom external drive is at fault. Only about a year old I bought it to use a back up for certain things so how ironic it has appeared to have broken.

I am getting two Windows error messages coupled with a USB icon in the system tray. One message says a high speed device is plugged into a non-high speed socket & the other is telling me the USB device is not connected properly or has failed.

I have checked the leads & the device does still light up but the PC or myself cannot retrieve anything from it.

Any other ideas/methods of trying to get into or diagnose it.


  Skyver 10:33 24 Dec 2005

Disregard the first message for now, it just means a USB2 device is plugged in to a USB1.1 socket and is slower as a result.
Disconnect any USB devices,go into Device Manager and remove all entries relating to USB devices, reboot, allow Windows to redetect everything, plug your devices back in one at a time.

  beener 17:18 30 Dec 2005

I bought this about a year ago.I have loads of songs and photos as well as work files. Yesterday I tried to open an excel file that was on the classic - nothing there! Look in my computer - nothing there. Look in contol panel device manager sys it wont start. Uninstall, reinstall, same messaage. Try again, windows XP finds the "new device" freecom says the USB device isn't seen. And so I went on round and round in circles. I have tried to install it on another computer but it won't have it. does anyone have an answer? I'm getting desparate!

  rotormota 17:39 30 Dec 2005

Hi beener,

Turns out mine is probably broken in terms of the mechanics inside. I tried it on another PC & I got exactly the same symptoms. There is no noise from inside or vibration from the unit on boot up which means the actual device mechanics are agonna.

I've spent the last 2 days reinstalling programs etc etc etc etc on to another new external HD. Mine was an 80gig model too.

I rang Freecom who will replace it free even though it is just out of warranty but they need it back. I don't think I'm prepared to do that as My Documents were stored on it containing all sorts of data.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:32 30 Dec 2005

Freecom will not be interested in your data,

They will look to see what has failed, power supply, control electronics, drive motor, head aignment or platters.

If your worried just pass a strong magnet magnet over it a couple of times to corrupt any data left on it.

  rotormota 20:16 30 Dec 2005

That's interesting FB but how strong a magnet & where do you buy magnets these days?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:26 30 Dec 2005

just hold it near your stero's speaker magnet

  woodchip 20:32 30 Dec 2005

Are you sure it's not the Mains adapter that's gone. this the likely culprit

  Big Elf 20:34 30 Dec 2005

Freecom tech support advised me that they incinerate the defective drives that are returned to them.

  rotormota 20:37 30 Dec 2005

But speaker magnets are shielded? Could use a car stereo one? Would that do the job? How long do I hold it near the magnet?

WC I don't think it's the adaptor as the 2 leds on the unit lit up but nothing from within.

  beener 15:39 31 Dec 2005

I'll try freecom to see it they can get back the data - it's my stuff if they're interested thy are sadder than me!

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